This post is for all of you Chicagoans out there, as well as others who are experiencing the 15mph winds.  

Everyone knows that fixing your hair is a lost cause when you live somewhere that is constantly windy, not-to-mention dresses and skirts that are anywhere close to flowy are also no-go's.  If you're like me, and love wearing both of those pieces, you're probably standing in front of your closet, staring at the piles of skirts and dresses that you have thinking, "okay, so now what?"  About a week ago, I was this person.  I was majorly freaking out because, how in the world was I supposed to wear my favorite American Apparel skirt (far too often) if the wind would not learn to chill? 

Proceeding my windy-weather skirt sorrows, I decided to browse through my tights and socks collection, hoping to find some inspiration to fix my fashion conundrum. Low-and-behold, staring back at me were my patterned tights and knee high socks.  Since I have never been in love with my legs, and therefore never had the confidence to try and pull of knee high socks and dresses, I pondered the idea of wearing knee high socks with tights, in order to make me feel more comfortable with the look.

With that, I decided that I would make my skirts and dresses look funky and unique by incorporating patterned tights and knee highs to my look. Below, are three outfit ideas for all of you who are struggling with this wind as well.


Even though this look doesn't include tights, the flowy-ness of the skirt and tight-ness of the socks work together to create a proportioned outfit that is good for any body shape.  The oversized sweater also works in your favor, allowing comfort and creating a shapelessness that is flattering on everyone.

outfit details

Skirt | American Apparel

Socks | F21

Sweater | Zara

Booties | H + M


This is hands-down my favorite look out of all three.  Not only are you combining 3 major trends together: skorts, wrap tops, and knee high socks, but you're also also combining the tight and sock trend.  The reason that this pairing works is because the fishnet-tight-print is so subtle, that mixing these textures works perfectly.


Tights | Urban Outfitters

Skirt | F21

Booties | Urban Outfitters

Sweater | F21

Socks | Urban Outfitters


This look is one of my faves.  I know I said that I was going to be incorporating tights within these outfits as well, but I have just been loving midi-anything recently, and with midi-outfits comes the lack of tights -- especially if you're wearing thigh highs.  Since midi pieces hit right below your knee, you will give off the illusion of wearing tights since the thigh highs will end where the hem of the dress/skirt is -- it's the best of both worlds!

outfit details

Dress | F21

Socks | F21

Cape | ASOS (Mens)

Sandals | Topshop

Let me know which look was your favorite in the comments below! If you know how to rock Windy City fashion, make sure to post a pic. on Instagram + tag me in it @brunettewithabudget!  Can't wait to see!