Fall is all about preparing your skin for the harsh winter conditions that are just around the corner.  My current makeup routine emphasizes a fresh and healthy face with shimmery eyes. This routine is not only perfect for the upcoming holidays, but it also hydrates and protects your skin from the harsh winds and UV rays that you encounter when you're outside. 


you face...

| Step 1 |

A great complexion starts off with a great moisturizer.  Apply in an upwards direction in order to have the product sink into your pores to hydrate your entire face.

| Step 2 |

In order to prevent breakouts that may occur from applying concealing face products, invest in a primer.  Apply this in a downwards direction in order to seal off your pores from makeup predators.

| Step 3 | 

A fresh looking face calls for products that aren't cakey.  Start by concealing your under-eyes.  Instead of blending the product in with a brush, opt for your finger -- the warmth allows for easy blending and a natural look.  Continue with an SPF infused BB cream, dot onto face and buff into your skin using a brush -- NEVER use a Beauty Blender, these sponges cause buildup of bacteria, stay away from them! 

| Step 4 | 

To lock in your products and provide a shine-free face, finish your face off by patting on a translucent powder, preferably talc free.

your eyes...

| Step 5 |

Apply an eyelid primer in order to ensure your makeup stays on all day.  Set with the same powder you used on your face.

| Step 6 |

Taking a champagne colored eyeshadow, pat on entire lid.  In the crease, mix a gold and taupe colored shadow, and blend.  In order to deepen the look, take a chocolate brown eyeshadow, and apply to the outer V of your lid.  Blend.

| Step 7 |

Apply a nude colored eyeliner in the waterline of your eye.  This will give the illusion of bright eyes.  Apply a combination of the taupe and gold eyeshadows under your lash line to complete the eyeshadow look.

| Step 8 |

Line eyes with liquid liner.  I love doing a winged eyeliner to make my eyes look more open and awake.

| Step 9 |

Before you finish your eyes, fill in your eyebrows lightly with a powder and define with a pencil that matches your hair color.

| Step 10 |

Finish of the eye look with a few swipes of mascara.

the cheeks...

| Step 11 |

To add definition to your face, mix a peach and rose colored blush together and apply to both the apples of your cheeks as well as your cheekbones.

| Step 12 |

Finish off with a highlight, right over where you applied your blush.