New Year's Eve: when you see the in-laws, ex-boyfriend's, family, and friends.  To put it simply, it's the one night of the year where you need to be dressed to impress.  But with an abundance of other's dressed to their nines or hardly dressed at all, how is one supposed to find a good medium between the both? 

Picking out an outfit for the holidays is hard enough as it is, but with millions of boutiques and department stores lining the country, finding one that has good deals as well as good merchandise can be quite the task.  And with the cooking, cleaning, and RSVP'ing to holiday invites, who has the time to go out and look for the perfect outfit?

FOR THE TEEN & 20 something...


One of my favorite trends at the moment are turtlenecks.  They're super chic and modest, yet can be worn so many different ways.  This piece isn't just a one-time-wear, it's a sweater that can be incorporated into many looks.  For the holiday's, pair your turtleneck sweater with a pair of culottes and sleek booties to dress up the look.  Sticking with muted colors that resemble snow is the perfect twist on typical holiday colors.

Get the look...

Sweater | Missguided

Culottes | Missguided

for the swanky occasion

Lace dresses are the holiday staple.  They're the perfect dress-up piece for any occasion, especially the holidays.  My favorite part about wearing a tight lace dress versus a flowy one is its ability to be layered with a sweater or blazer.  If you're feeling the chills, throw an oversized sweater on top of the dress and pair it with booties and a felt hat for the ultimate glam girl look.

Get the look...

Blue Dress | Free People

Red Dress | ASOS


for the casual occasion

As much as we would all love to be able to pull off a pair of glitter pants, we just aren't Taylor Swift and can't manage to do such.  But a great alternative for getting festive is to opt for metallics -- golds and silvers.  And since we all know that metallics accentuate problem areas on your body, exchange your tight metallic jeans for loose and flowy metallic joggers.  Pair these pants with a comfy sweater and a shimmering long necklace to finish of the look.  Not only will you be comfortable, but you will also be super in trend.  

Get the look...

Sweater | Free People from Macy's

Joggers | NY Collection from Macy's

Necklace | Free People


for the swanky occasion

If you want to be in-trend and look swanky at the same time, fringe is your go-to outfit adornment.  Fringe makes any outfit look instantly more glam, and not to mention hides body imperfections depending on the placement of it.  If you're not loving your stomach, try for a dress with fringe everywhere.  Maybe your hips aren't your fave, so opt for fringe on the bottom-half of the dress.  Pair the look with a trendy faux-leather detailed blazer and your signature pearl necklace.  Kill the crowd with this so stylish look.

Get the look...

Black Fringe | Macy's

Nude & Black Fringe | Neiman Marcus Last Call

Blazer | Romwe

Comment your favorite look down below!  If you recreate any of these looks, make sure to tag me on Instagram with your picture, @brunettewithabudget.  

Happy Holidays!