Christmas is right around the corner.  Literally.  And with the busy schedules that have been invading our lives for the past year, it's only normal that you might be behind on your Christmas shopping.  And while we all know that presents aren't the reason for this season, it's still important to treat the ones you care about with a little something-something.

Since shopping for the special people in your life take more time and work than just running to Walgreens and picking up random knick-knacks, quick and easy shopping guides are a must.  And what better way to gift shop than within a very reasonable budget with gifts under $100?  Below are 3 ideas: for her, for him, and for pampering.

for her: trendy & simple

My go-to place for cute gifts is Anthropologie.  They have a wide selection of chic gifts that are practical and attractive.  Not-to-mention, they are decently affordable and usually on sale during this time of year.  And -- if you have enough time -- try scavenging the sale section at Anthropologie where you're sure to find some hidden treasures for an amazing price!

If you're feeling extra giving, create a custom lip color for your gal from Finding Ferdinand.  You can choose the colors and name the lip color.  The price is also right!


The Paris Style Guide Book | Anthropologie: $17.50

Tea Scented Perfume | Anthropologie: $14

Custom Lipstick Color | Finding Ferdinand: $30


(right now, get 30% all of your favorite gift items at


It's common to struggle when shopping for men.  It seems as though they have everything they want, or want nothing at all.  And while it may seem this way, we all know that deep down they have something particular in their minds that they simply aren't sharing with us.  Since we aren't mind-readers, the key is sticking with a store that is easily accessible for returns, yet has a wide variety of gift options to choose from. 

This time of year, Target is our saving grace. From electronics to home necessities, finding the perfect gift is easily attainable in this one-stop-shop. 


Timex Watch | Target: $48

Blender Bottle | Target: $8.29

Beanie | Target: $5

Fur Lined Boat Shoes | Target: $21.60

TOTAL COST: $82.89

(make sure to check your newspaper for the latest Target deals!)

for pampering: a little bit of r&r

There's always that someone special who you just know is dying for a get-a-way.  And while our jobs prevent us from packing up our bags and traveling to exotic places whenever we desire, spa gifts are a must in order to get that much needed dosage of relaxation.

LUSH has been one of the best places to shop for therapeutic gifts for as long as I can remember.  Since LUSH can be overwhelming with their abundance of neon-colored goodies, it's important to not overthink this type of prezzy and purchase based on scent and appearance. 


"Icing on the Cake" Shower Smoothie | LUSH: $11

"Butterball" Bath Bomb | LUSH: $5

"Cranberry" Face Mask | LUSH: $9

"5 Gold Rings" Bubble Bar | LUSH: $9


(shopping at LUSH online helps with gift idea inspiration)

what is your favorite gift idea? let me know in the comments below what your favorite present that you're giving is!