After just two short months of binge-watching Sex and the City, I have finally finished watching all 6 seasons shamelessly.  Currently, I am watching both of the movies in order to continue my Carrie Bradshaw obsession for just a little while longer.

After spending a good 2 months with my new BFF Carrie, I have fallen completely and irrevocably in love with her closet and sense of style.  She is the spitting image of the theoretical New York "IT girl".  And as much as I wish I could go out and drop over $400 on a new pair of Manolo's, doing so is just not realistic with my non-existent blogger and editor salary.

But even-so, I feel like I am not a minority with my adoration for all things Carrie Bradshaw.  Which is why I wanted to created 3 "Looks for Less" in order to fulfill my desire to someday be as city-chic as Carrie Bradshaw and to hopefully fulfill your wishes as well.

Fun Fact: The stylist for Carrie Bradshaw's outfits was Patricia Field.  I met her while I was in NYC last February.

look no.1 : the long-lost sweater 

This sweater was the hidden gem in Carrie's overwhelming closet.  It was the piece she pulled out of her closet and fell in love with again as she was cleaning it out to move in with Mr. Big.  This sweater is the perfect piece to include in your "wannabe-Carrie-Bradshaw" closet.  It's layer-able, versatile and adorned with beautiful embroidery that causes you to swoon in the name of fashion.


Sweater | Free People

Skirt | Missguided

Heels | ASOS


I am guilty for fast-forwarding through the intro of T.V. show's just because they are overly repetitive and after the Pilot I have seen it one-too-many-times.  But Sex and the City was different.  I was obsessed with Carrie's dusty pink tutu.  For many years now, I have been trying to find the perfect tutu to layer under and over some of my favorite pieces in my closet, but gave up hope in finding one after a year-long search.  After watching the intro of this show play several times, I decided I would reacquaint myself with the glorious tutu hunt in hopes that I would find the perfect one -- Carrie Bradshaw style.

Outfit Details

Skirt | Needle & Thread

Tank Top | H & M

Heels | ASOS


As much as I love Sex and the City, I was never a fan of the use of real fur in almost every episode.  And as humorous as it was when Samantha's fur coat got red paint thrown all over it in the first movie (relive the moment here), "I couldn't help but wonder" what it would be like to recreate Carrie's signature fur coat look using faux instead.  But with that being said, finding a natural-looking faux fur coat isn't an easy feat.  But regardless of the tackiness of some faux fur coats, I still believe it is worth it in order to avoid supporting those companies that kill animals in the name of fashion. 

Outfit Details

Coat | MANGO

Dress | ASOS

Heels | Missguided

I hope these 3 looks fulfilled your aspirations to dress similar to the oh-so-fabulous Carrie Bradshaw.  Which look was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!  Decide you're going to re-create one of the looks?  Make sure to show off your style to me on Instagram!

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