In a world that is ruled by money, how is one supposed to look beyond a person's "net worth" and instead look into the richness of their lives?

Living in a city such as Chicago made me realize that everyday, you're going to run into someone that has been given a lot in life -- things, money, etc.. -- and someone who has lesser in life. When choosing friends, is it normal to gravitate towards those with more money or less?  In my personal discovery of friendship, I have found that those who were brought up with "less" in their lives have more to give.  That's not to say that the daughter of the millionaire down the street from you isn't nice, it's more of the kind of life they are living.  

I have made several friends thus far in college, each coming from different backgrounds in life. Some are rich, some are not.  But no matter what, I always pick my friends based on who they are as a person.  As I was analyzing the friendships I have made, I noticed one thing in common with all of them: they have several opportunities being presented to them and are doing incredible things in their lives.  Since there isn't a perpetual price tag hovering above their heads, you wouldn't know how much money they or their parents are making, because they are taking advantage of their talents rather than their assets.   

Beyond my friendship circle, I have encountered many who are living under "daddy" or "mommys" paycheck, acting as if their parents hard earned money really belongs to them. I was confused when I encountered one girl and the fact that she was bragging over social media and in person about the luxurious things that she has: a big house, front row concert tickets, a fancy car.  As if, those things were supposed to impress me and the other people who were listening in on what she was saying.  Why is it that people who have a lot of material items in life feel the need to brag about them?  Wouldn't one want to talk about their achievements in life and how hard they've worked to get where they are?  In the grand scheme of money-making, it is much more impressive to say you've worked hard to EARN your money, rather than being born into money with nothing to show for it.  

Living a rich life doesn't mean you have to go all out in what you're doing.  Instead, start focusing on what you're doing in life to feel rich, rather than obsessing over money to make you feel rich in life.  When you start keying in on the things you're doing that make you a successful person, you will in turn be happier with the life you're living and stop worrying about the material items.