It's the moment of truth.  You scan the crowd to make sure that there are no cute boys looking.  In fact, you scan the crowd to make sure NO ONE is looking.  When you finally feel like the coast is clear, you quickly remove your cover-up, and lie on your outspread towel on the sand, before anyone has the chance to take a good look at you.

Does this sound like you when you go to the pool or beach in the summer? 

While soaking up the sun-rays and relaxing pool/beach-side is one of the best parts of summer, it is also the worst.  The whole "let's go to the beach" thing requires a swim suit.  And let's be honest, what girl is absolutely in LOVE with their body? And even though we would all love to wear those skimpy bikini's that are shown in all of the high-end magazines, all of the movies, and all of the TV shows, that doesn't mean that EVERYONE has to wear it.  Sometimes, covering up a little more, or showing off a little more is better for our body types.  

Just this past March, as swimsuits were starting to go on display at clothing stores everywhere, I decided that I no longer wanted to wear a bikini.  Not only was I uncomfortable feeling mostly naked in front of the world, but I wasn't 100% confident with how I looked in it -- which is a NORMAL feeling.  I decided that I would opt for a trendy one-piece suit that accented my favorite feature on my body, yet still toned down my least favorite part of my body (I'll show you the suit that I ended up purchasing a little later on). 

* * *


If you have an athletic built, you are mostly very thin with muscle and tone-age.  You have parts of you that are DEFINITELY worth showing off.  But when finding the perfect bikini for your body, keep in mind that it is better to pass on the skimpy suit and instead opt for a halter-neck with more coverage.  When you athletic girls show off all of your goods, it ends up causing your attractive body to look instead, unattractive.  With the halter-neck top, you're able to look trendy, beach ready, and more modest. Here are some of my faves:

SUITS (in order clockwise):

1. Pacsun: $53

2. Pacsun: $40

3: Pacsun: $27

4: Pacsun: $27

5: Pacsun: $28

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Being curvy is NOTHING to be ashamed of.  If you have hips, girl you flaunt them.  If you have a butt, girl you embrace it.  If you're boobalicious, WORK IT GIRL.  But as much as I know that there are parts of your curvy body that you love, there are also parts that you're not too fond of.  The most important part when shopping for a swimsuit for your curvy body, is that you show off the part of your body that you love!  If you're curvy and show too much off, it can un-flatter certain parts of your body, and in the end make you feel more insecure. Here are some of my curvaceous swimsuits: 

 SUITS (in order clockwise):

1. Target: $22

2. Target: $32

3. Target: $20

4. Target: $20

5. Target: $20

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If you're a "Plain Jane" you most likely have parts you really love about your body, but also parts that you really dislike about your body -- you're the middle man when it comes to body shape.  Obviously, when shopping for swimwear, it is important that you pick suits that flatter your most attractive features.  But when "Plain Jane's" are shopping for swimwear, it is common that they fall into the "basic" trap, only buying suits that are popular, and that every other girl has.  If you have a "Plain Jane" body type, it is important that you purchase more trendy suits that are less mainstream.  That way, you can stand out but still flatter your body.  Here are my favorite suits:

 SUITS (in order clockwise)

1. JCPenney: $48 --> THIS IS THE SUIT I CHOSE!

2. JCPenney: $48

3. JCPenney: $27

4. JCPenney: $27

5. JCPenney: $27

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* * *

So, once you determine your body type, you can easily find swimsuits that not only flatter your body, but also stand out in the crowd of other bikini-wearers.  Stay confident, and stop comparing your body to others, and you're ready to hit the beach.