What to wear to Look tan

Summer equals sunshine, which then equals tanned skin.  But as all of us know, laying out and soaking in all of those UV rays is not something you should be doing on a daily basis... or at all really.  And for those of you -- who like myself -- are no where close to being tan, but still want to look tan, this post is for you.

And no, I am not saying that being pale isn't beautiful, because HELLO, can we just take a moment to stare at Taylor Swift and her pale gorgeousness? 

Pale IS beautiful.  But sometimes it's nice to add a pop of color that will allow your skin to look more sun-kissed.

* * *


If you have fair skin, you two go-to colors that you should be wearing are: HOT PINK and YELLOW.  And since you don't want to look like a walking highlighter, it's important to wear these colors safely.  Instead of wearing a yellow shirt with hot pink shorts, opt for white shorts with either a hot pink or yellow blouse.  Believe it or not, white makes your skin look slightly more tan without looking like you're trying too hard. 


Pink Tank: Mint Julep

Yellow Tee: Free People

Pink Dress: Tobi

Yellow Dress: Urban Outfitters

Pink Romper: Free People

Yellow Jumper: F21

* * *


If you're someone who has been gifted with the skin color that can never make up it's mind, you might have trouble figuring out which tones look best on your body.  Since I, myself, have beige skin, I usually tend to stick with neutral colors.  But in the summer, it's sometimes fun to broaden my horizons and wear some color.  Unfortunately though, us beige skinned ladies have yellow undertones, causing a good amount of colors to wash us out.  So my two favorite colors to wear that make me look more tan are CORAL and PLUM.  These colors are still very mild but have just the right amount of pizzazz. 


Plum Tank: Free People

Coral Tank: Anthropologie

Plum Patterned Dress: F21

Coral Ruffle Dress: Tobi

Plum Cold Shoulder Dress: Tobi

Coral Kimono: Tobi

* * *


Some of you ladies might be #blessed with either naturally tan skin, or you've been outside enough to get a little bronze.  But sometimes, you want to look like you've just gotten home from a long vacation in the Dominican (aka, you want to look tanner).  Your best bet is to stick with WHITES and PASTELS.  These two colors will help enhance your tan, as well as deflect any bits of burnt skin that you may have.


White Top: Free People

Blush Dress: F21

White Dress: F21

White/Black Top: F21

Baby Blue Top: F21

* * *

So, if you haven't had the time to lay outside, or the money to travel to an exotic beach resort, don't you fret!  There are colors for every skin tone to wear to give the appearance of tanned skin.  

But what about makeup, you may be asking yourself?  Head over to Finding Ferdinand to read my post on their Color Guide, to learn all about what lip color to wear for tan skin -- and don't forget to purchase your Starter Kit! Read it here!