Ahh, it's that time of year again.  Promposals, frilly dresses, stilettos, starchy hair, and raccoon eyes.  Who doesn't LOVE the tackiness of prom?  Well unlike most girls out there, I'm not one looking for an $800 dress or heels that I can barely walk in.  Prom should be classy, not tacky.  I think a common mistake for prom starts with the expectations of men.  Why is it that us girls except boys to say in an elaborate way: "Hey, I think you're cute and I kind of want to dance with you at this school function called prom"?  With balloons, Pandora jewelry, and an overwhelming amount of flowers, my only question can be: "is it all really necessary"?  Chances are, if a guy's asking you to prom in the first place, you must stare at him lovingly enough for him to even THINK that you would spend and entire weekend with him.  So, if by some strange chance you do like him, why would you expect all of this STUFF just to be asked to prom?  A little selfish dontcha think? 

Well after that round of events, it's time to go HAM at prom and bridal shops.  I mean, stuff all the money from your savings account into your purse, because YOU'RE GONNA NEED IT!  Right?  Wrong.  Half of the time, prom/bridal shops only carry dresses with ungodly amounts of tulle, glitter, and more glitter.  Why?  Because for some odd reason (which I will never understand), us girls think that huge dresses that we can barely walk in, along with blinding glitter is cute.  Oh?  I was unaware.  I thought prom was supposed to be a classy affair, not a Toddlers and Tiara's: WHO WORE THE DRESS BETTER competition.

Because to be honest, some girls pay hundreds of dollars to wear dresses similar to these five-year-olds.  But putting all of the poofy-ness and sparkles aside, a REAL prom dress should include at least one of these elements:

a)  Bust Coverage




b) Stomach Coverage





 A good statement to follow is if there is any skin showing -- upper thighs, cleavage, belly button, ect -- that would normally be showing if you were wearing a bikini, then it SHOULD NOT be shown when wearing your prom dress.  If it is, walk your (hopefully) self-respecting body back to your prom shop of choice and return it for one that is less trashy.

Here are my favorite prom dresses from this year:

hereherehere, and here

(Psst... if you have yet to find a prom dress, I highly recommend looking either at RENT THE RUNWAY for high-end, extremely affordable dresses, or at WINDSOR!  Their selection is huge and stylish... not your typical prom dress shops!)

The next step that most girls take after they have found the perfect dress is trying to find the perfect pair of heels to match!  I don't know about you, but recently I've been seeing girls by stripper-inspired heels.  I'm talking 5 inch stilletos with chunky soles... not cute.  They look for one: trashy, and two: cheap.  Now, I'm not about spending over $50 on shoes, but just because you don't spend a lot of money, doesn't mean your shoes have to look like it.  When finding the perfect pair of prom shoes, go for something simple and neutral, my favorite is a good pair of nude pumps that will last a lifetime -- not to mention they go with everything!  And if you're like me, and can barely walk in normal shoes, let alone heels, then maybe try a pair of flats!  They might now look as "fancy", but trust me, it's cuter to look like you can walk rather than look like an elephant stomping along through the jungle.  

Here are some of my fave prom shoes for this year -- cheap price, expensive look! :

1) Instead of: 


Try: (click here to buy)

Instead of:

Try: (click here to buy) 

 After you have completed you're look, most likely you start scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for the perfect up-do.  I'm talking, poofs, insane buns, poodle-like curls, and a choking-ly crazy amount of hair spray.  The best part about these up-do's is that the ladies at the salon pull your hair so tight it's almost like a face lift, causing breakage and split ends to your hair -- yay!  Not to mention, there are over 100 bobby pins shoved into your scalp... who needs any other kinds of accessories when your head is flashing with plastic covered metals?!  But in fear of causing permanent skull and brain damage, try going for a more natural hair look this prom season: loose curls, low buns, chic blowouts, and boho-braids are SO in, here are some of my faves:

Then to finish of your SUPER CLASSY prom look, it's time for makeup.  Now I get it, dark smoky eyes are all the rage, I mean what guy wouldn't want to look in the eyes of a wannabe raccoon? But how about instead of lining your rims with charcoal eyeliner, we take it down a notch and start incorporating the latest, no-makeup-makeup trend into our prom looks. If you want to read about how to acheive the no-makeup-makeup look using my FAVORITE lipstick at the moment from Finding Ferdinand... click here

So, this prom season, instead of going all out with tacky pieces and over-done hair and makeup, try going the simpler route.  You'll save money, spend less time getting ready, and look 100x better.