I hate seasonal wardrobes.  Why should I buy clothing that I can only wear during one season?  The answer is that I shouldn't... and neither should you.  As my fashion and styling experience has grown, so has my knowledge of learning how to use pieces in my closet all year around.  Since I am a lover of dark and neutral colors, it is important that I am able to convert my "winter and fall" pieces to "spring and summer" pieces (do you want a post on how to make a year-around wardrobe? let me know in the comments below). 

For today's outfit, I decided to have fun!  Fashion is all about expressing yourself and your style!  I paired a flouncy fringe skirt... one of my new favorites with a bright floral top.  Since my skirt would be considered a "winter' piece, I decided to brighten it up with a top that would normally be out of my comfort zone.  But, since the weather was finally warmer, I decided that it was necessary to break out my bright colored and floral patterned clothes!  

I have recently had a newfound love of mixing patterns and colors.  Today's outfit was no exception.  I decided to pair my fringy-floral outfit with a pair of polka-dot tights, another absolute favorite of mine.  The outfit was then taken from boring to creative.  Mixing patterns -- when done with caution -- can be a great asset to any look.  

To finish off the ensemble, I put on a pair of oxfords with a pop... HOT PINK soles to tie in my bright colored tee shirt.  These shoes had a subtle suede color on top, but bursted with life on the bottom so I wouldn't look too crazy.


Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Ann Taylor

Tights: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Target  (similar