The past two days of this week I have dressed very edgy.  Don't get me wrong, I usually define my personal style as edgy.  But, today, I wanted to incorporate some of my alter-ego into my outfit: preppy.  One of my favorite, more "preppy" pieces is my 'cotton linen mini skirt' from J.Crew.  The best thing about this skirt is that you can adorn it with edgy accessories while still having a preppy vibe.

For today, I decided that I wanted my skirt to be my pop of color, then stick with black for the remainder of my outfit.  Since it still feels like the Antarctica Tundra where I live, I needed to wear tights.  But instead of being boring and wearing just solid black tights, I decided to switch it up a bit and wear laser cut, fishnet looking tights.  These tights are funky and fun, and automatically change the outfit into something more street-style esque.  Next, I put on one of my favorite black blouses.  Though the sleeves are long and the material is a medium weight, the fabric is still breathable that indoors you won't be sweating.  

My booties that I wore in this outfit are new, and different from my other heeled black booties.  My old ones from Forever 21 were angled in such a way that whenever I would walk, I would form calluses on the bottoms of my heels.  In addition, because of the way that they were made, my toes would also smash into the front of the shoe every time I would move.  So, I decided that it was time for me to get a new pair.  The pair that I ended up choosing is from H&M. Though they may look very similar to my ones from Forever 21, they are actually different.  These new booties have a chunkier heel, allowing for my support and stability when walking.  In addition, the top of the boot is tighter around my ankle, causing it to slip less.  The faux suede texture is gorgeous for any outfit, and these are my new favorite shoes by far (yes, I have worn them everyday since I got them...guilty).


- Top: a.n.a (JCPenney)

- Skirt: J.Crew

- Tights: Forever 21

- Booties: H & M