I'm a freak for socks.  I'm a freak for layers.  Yes, I'll admit it.  Both socks and layers are my two favorite things to incorporate into an outfit.  Today was no exception.  I decided that I wanted to wear my new favorite top, a mock turtle neck tunic, but I didn't want to wear it with leggings, because that would be the easy way to style it.  Instead, I wanted to dress it in a way that was more daring and spunky.  I decided to throw on a pair of tights and try my hand at thigh high socks.  Now trust me, you may not be comfortable at first with this trend, it can seem a bit scandalous.  But trust me, when you find the perfect pair of thigh-hights, it's worth all of the uncomfortableness you may feel before you found the right pair of socks.

Since I still felt a little shy with my thigh-highs -- being the first time I wore them out in public -- I decided I would wear a long cardigan with it in order to balance out my look.  After playing around with all of the different pieces, I decided that this look was not only unique because of all of the layering, but also daring with the socks.


- Tunic: Free People

- Socks: Free People

- Booties: H & M

- Cardigan: Francesca's Collection

- Necklace: My mom!