I adore the color mauve.  I also adore textures, and have had a newfound love for funky patterns.  This entire outfit expresses all of those loves.  I am one to mess around with different textures and patterns, shimming away from the norm.  This outfit is no exception.  Since the weather here in the Midwest is now finally above 40 degrees, I no longer have to wear my parka (though I love my parka, I was getting a little tired of the ice cold temperatures).  So instead of layering on a jacket -- which I hate doing because lets be honest, a jacket can ruin an outfit -- I decided to stick with light layering pieces.  My favorite vest, as you know, is the one that I wore today.  The mauve and cream tones in the material matched perfectly with these cozy jogger pants.  It was the perfect combination that allowed for a unique mix of texture and pattern.  Since I didn't want to go TOO above and beyond with my look, I decided to stay simple, while still adding texture with my lace 3/4-sleeved top. I had the perfect weight and amount of layers on that I wouldn't be chilly, but still look fashionable and put together.

Some may say that my outfit is a little "out there" or on the "crazy" side, but I completely disagree.  Fashion is supposed to be FUN, not boring.  Why would I want to dress like everyone?  I love how  I dress, I think it expresses a part of me that not everyone can see, hear, or experience.  I am proud of the way that I dress and how I am able to pair unique pieces, and so should you.  Don't be afraid to have some fun with your cloest and wardobe, and don't be afraid to either.  Comment below your most DARING look, and add a picture!  I would love to see what you create.  

just a quick pic. of ya gurl springing for spring, YAY for warmer weather!


Top: Forever 21

Pants: Anthropologie (same style, different print)

Vest: Anthropologie (similar) 

Booties: H & M (similar)

Necklace: Tiffany & Co.