Every girl needs a shift dress in their wardrobe.  It's the MUST HAVE go-to piece for those days where you feel lazy, but it's a NECESSITY to look put together.  A shift dress is my favorite way to go.  Not only are they comfortable, but even if you're having a day where you're bloating, or just don't feel 100% confident with your body, this style of a dress will hide everything -- yes everything -- while still allowing you to look like a lady, not a boxy man.  

Today, was my lazy day.  I woke up with HUGE bags under my eyes, and a swollen feeling took over my entire face.  Though I am only in High School, and don't have a career, waking up early is a struggle.  So to conceal my face, I decided to do a little more with my face and put a little more makeup on to look awake.  It may look like I did a lot of work, but in reality, I didn't!!  The video below is my "Valentine's Day to Night Look", which includes the full makeup routine that I used today, you should definitely check it out.

In addition to doing my makeup, another aspect of getting ready that I absolutely despise some days, it picking out an outfit, when all I really want to do is stay in my pajamas and go to sleep.  But none-the-less, I wouldn't be a true fashionista if I didn't have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to look chic but feel like I am in my PJ's! So for today, I decided to wear this bright printed, floral shift dress.  Unlike some shift dresses that you see at stores like Francesca's, the one I am wearing is made out of cotton, allowing the fit to be simple and flattering, but also undoubtedly comfortable all at the same time.

Since the Midwest is still super chilly, I decided to put on my favorite pair of tights that my mom bought me in order to stay warm!  These tights are great because they're a little more opaque, but still keep your legs warm on chilly days, without the heaviness of leggings.

To make the outfit more chic, I added 3 gold bracelets.  I loved how the gold matched with the chain on my necklace.  Accessories ALWAYS complete an outfit. 

Clearly, I LOVE this shift dress. It's FUN.  And to make the whole ensemble more comfortable, I paired my favorite booties with it!  They have a chunky heel that isn't too tall, so that walking isn't a struggle.  The faux suede material adds awesome texture that looks classy and stylish.

All together, I am obsessed with this look.  It is one of my favorite's because I felt cozy all day, but I didn't have to sacrifice my appearance.  What's your favorite GO-TO "lazy day chic" outfit? Let me know in the comments below!  Post a picture too!


- Dress: H & M

- Tights: Khols

- Booties: Forever 21

- Bracelets: Forever 21

- Necklace: Forever 21