Welcome to my, "What Your Mom Doesn't Tell You About..." series.  As we all know, mothers give great advice for all things in our life.  Through school, work, and everyday life, mom's know best.  But there are just some things that your mom may not tell you -- life, fashion related or otherwise -- so that's where I come in to help.  This series will be about my genuine experience with all things personal.  So stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy. 

 * * *

Seeing as though I am graduating high school in exactly a week, I have had some time to reflect over my past 4 years.  Whether it was friend problems, fashion mishaps, or bad grades, I have been through it all.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy learning about what YOUR MOM DOESN'T TELL YOU ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDSHIPS. 

* * *

Most people leave Jr. High wanting to change who they are.  They no longer want to be this nerdy 8th grader who thought Crocs were TOTALLY in.  No longer do they want their "trendy" sidebangs, and no longer do they want to look like a typical middle-schooler wearing PINK yoga pants and graphic tees.  While most people have their set friend groups leaving Jr. High, many want to discover new friendships and establish a new clique -- and I had that experience as well.  My Jr. High friends were full of girls who wanted so badly to be popular, and so badly wanted to get to that partying life that high school was supposed to succumb to.  Myself, on the other hand, just wanted to enjoy my next 4 years without any drama.  But as anyone may know, there is no such thing as NO drama.  There always is some.  Though I knew this, I still wanted to find new people to be friends in high school.  

My first day of freshman year started off great, I was meeting new people, and though I hadn't found someone who I wanted to call my best friend just quite yet, I was starting to understand the high school cliques and just where I wanted to fit in.  I didn't want to acquaint myself with the so-called "popular" kids, but at the same time, I didn't want to join the clique of smart kids who studied all of the time (a big generalization, I know, but this is just how it was at my high school).  So I decided to befriend a girl, who similarly to me, just wanted to have a drama-free 4 years... at least I thought so.  

YOUR MOM DOESN'T TELL YOU that when choosing friends, make sure that they aren't trying to social climb.  Social climbers are some of the worst kinds of people to be friends with.  And, lucky for me (sarcasm), I joined a clique who more than 3/4 of them wanted to social climb.  The problem with social climbers are that in a matter of seconds, they can drop everything -- even plans with you -- in order to go to something bigger and better with the "populars".  This leaves you feeling like pure crap because, now who are you supposed to hangout with?  Not only do you feel alone, but you also feel used... you feel like these friends just have you around to hangout with if no "better option"  appears.  I felt this way for 3 years.  YOUR MOM DOESN'T TELL YOU THAT it's OKAY to change friend groups your senior year.  As I found out the hard way, it's not always fun.  You have to branch out of your comfort zone in order to make new friends and have people to hang out with at school functions.  Luckily for me, I had parents who always told me not to burn any bridges, so if YOUR MOM never told you that, KEEP IT IN MIND.  I'm still thankful to this day that I never burned any bridges with old friends from Jr. High, because if I had, I would have been very alone my senior year.  But instead, I was able to befriend people from an abundance of different cliques.  Though the majority of my weekends I'm sitting at home because I still don't have a clique that I belong to, I feel more content knowing that I'm not being used by social climbers who just wanted me as a "side-friend".  

YOUR MOM DOESN'T TELL YOU to choose your friends very wisely.  Look at all of their traits before you go on and decide that you want them to be your very best friend.  So my advice to you is that you should make friends with people from all cliques, that way, you never feel alone and you're able to mingle and experience all different social parts of high school.