It's obvious that I love layering.  Even more-so, I love layering with the same color, but playing around with textures so that even though the pieces may look similar color-wise, you can differentiate each garment because of their detailing.  

For today's outfit, I decided that I wanted to wear shorts and tights -- one of my favorite combinations -- and layer with that specific piece.  I decided that since the shorts were more feminine, that I wanted to edge up my outfit with leather.  I threw on my leather jacket -- just to see how the length would fall with my shorts -- and decided that since the jacket was more cropped, I needed to add a top with more length in order for the layer effect to really stand out.

To finish off my outfit, I decided to wear my low-cut black booties (not pictured).  Since I wanted to keep with the details, I decided to put on my ruffle trim socks.  In the picture below, you can see that the toes of the polka-dot socks are cut off (last picture).  There is reasoning behind this.  By cutting off the toes, you are able to adjust the length of your sock, therefore choosing where you want to ruffles to be, so that the socks can be worn with any sized boots!  

My favorite part of this outfit, is the way that the layers blend together so well from both the side view as well as the front and back view.  The key to layering pieces in the same color family, is to play with different textures and details.  This way, the pieces won't blend together, but stand out while still being coherent. 


- Leather Jacket: a.n.a

- Tank Top: Target

- Shorts: Urban Outfitters

- Tights: My mom!

- Polka-dot Socks: Topshop

- Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

Happy layering!