It is the time of year any fashionista waits for. It is the time of year when you can slide open your drawers and pull out your blacks, wool, and pants. It is the time of year where fashion is a MUST. It is September.

As I stared at the beautifully packaged in plastic, bible of fashion, I was in awe by the beauty displayed only by the cover: diversity, bold, natural. Joan Small, Cara Delevingne, and Karlie Kloss, runway model extraordinaires. Though their facial expression were soft and fresh, the intensity of their eyebrows and facial structure spoke to me: this edition of Vogue was going to be daring yet crisp.

Though roughly 428 of the pages were ads, there was more to them than just advertisements. I was immediately awestruck by Dolce & Gabbanas futuristic wonderland ad.

Blacks and neutrals have always been a must for the fall, but Dolce & Gabbana are introducing a new pathway towards these dark colors. In several of the outfits on the right, especially the one that Kendall Jenner is wearing, is coated in light capturing beading. These silver specks of luminosity add just the right amount of texture as well as light to what would of normally been an all black outfit. Another aspect of this ad that I found especially captivating was the use of floral in the outfits. Though floral is a well known spring and summer trend, by making the floral prints darker with a lot of texture in the dresses, it allows for a cooler and deeper tone. The details in the background as well tell their own story of happiness (the flowers in the trees) in a place of darkness. 

Cold and dark is a common theme in fall fashion, but this year, Chloe is bringing a new heat to the likely fall ideal.

Fall is all about bundling down and layering up for those chillier days and nights. In this Fall 2014 ad for Chloe, though the scenery is bright and summery, Chloe manages to incorporate fall within their ad. Fur coats paired with dresses adds a touch of summer to the fall attire. By sticking with soft neutrals, Chloe is able to embrace fall fashion without the feeling of cold. This fall, it is not only important to embrace your summer wardrobe, but make it fall appropriate. In addition to the temperature, the usual fall hairdo in past years has been straight locks and tight buns, but Chloe is clutching on to the messy summer strands. Just because fall is right around the corner, it doesn't mean you have to let go of your summer looks. Chloe used a summery backdrop along with summer staples and added heavier pieces such as fur coats in order to create outfits that are not only Vogue ready, but fall ready.

Street style prepsters will fall in love with Kate Spades new Shanghai 2014 Fall collection. The fashion is not only gorgeous, but the way that it was portrayed in the September issue is more than alluring. 

Though the tiger may be stuffed and fake, this image is more fierce than his nonexistent roar. Kate Spades lush red tones adds a new scene to the fall weather. Since sometimes the fall weather calls for jackets and booties, Kate Spade adds a different cold weather flair to her clothing. Instead of throwing on a jacket, the strap width is wider allowing for more coverage-- not something that we see everyday in the fashion world. Along with different strap sizes, the color red infatuates us all, it's a long ways away from the dark neutrals, hopefully helping us get into the fall spirit without feeling too drowsy. 

So though fall is usual a static season in the fashion world, these three designer companies are breaking the rules and starting new fall trends. So take a chance with these new styles and let them inspire you... dare to be different.

XOXO, Amanda

* all photos belong to the designers as well as Vogue magazine *