I'm no celebrity. Nor am I a world famous fashion blogger like Chiara Ferragni or Denielle Bernstein. But, when an opprountity such as going backstage at a fashion show presents itself to me, I cannot say no.

Just this past weekend, I had the honor of going backstage at the 630 Fashion show with the business I work for, Ootra. I was already extremely excited to be attending, and I had no idea what the night would become. I was unaware that I was not only going backstage, but that I was going to be IN the fashion show, on the runway.

My Backstage Experience 

Since I had no idea what was going to occur during the fashion show, and what part I would play, I was not expecting anything fabulous. Instead, what really DID occur was incredible. As we pulled up to the hotel, the back doors opened into another world. There were skinny-minny, 6ft models everywhere. Clothing racks lined the small narrow hallway (which we would call our fashion abode for the next 4 hours). Designers and assistants were everywhere. It was a chaotic fashion setting. 

As soon as we settled into our 20x20 foot space, we went right to work. We worked on figuring out what we were going to be doing DURING the show (runway, models, ect) along with putting together, and counting the outfits that would soon match up with the different animal and city artwork. Though we were working our tails off in order to get ready for the show in time (4 hours may seem like a long time, but in fashion time, it is not), we still had time to talk as a team and enjoy the moment that we were spending together. 

As 9:00pm started getting closer (the time in which the fashion show was starting), models, trying to get clothes on in off in a timely manner, were everywhere. Dresses were being yanked and models were running around half-naked. It was a frantic time for the designers. But, as soon as the announcement came for all of the models to line up, it was calm back into fashion heaven. 

My Runway Experience 

Though I am not a size 00, nor do I have as fierce eyebrows as Cara Delevingne, I did in fact stand on the runway during the Ootra show. I was asked to wear all black and hold up the artwork that my boss, Lauren painted that corresponded with the different outfits. Not only was I able to be apart of the show, but I was able to enjoy it with 3 other Ootra girls that I am extremely close with. As the moment to go on stage was nearing, all of us Ootragirls were getting more and more excited as the seconds ticked by. When the moment finally came, it was astonishing. The runway was pure white. There were no spots of color or dirt in sight. It was magical. The music was booming and all I wanted to do was dance (which I obviously couldn't because I had to stand still while holding up the artwork)! Everything, in that moment, was so still but so lively at the same time. Even though I wasn't a model, strutting my stuff on the runway, I still had the best experience that I could have asked for. It was a moment that I will never forget.


I couldn't have asked for a better night. I was able to experience things in the fashion world that most girls at my age would never have been able to see or witness until they got older. I am more than happy, and incredibly honored that Ootra brought me along to go backstage and experience the runway at this fashion show.

XOXO, Amanda

A Visual Look Behind the Scenes

// working the red carpet //

// me and my boss, Lauren //

// a picture of my boss/owner of ootra taking a picture of Lauren taking a group selfie //

// me and one of my favorite ootragirls, Macy //

// chatting backstage with the fab 4: Macy, me, Corky, and Helen // 

// after the show with the late night crew //

// representing ootra with Corky //

 // the group selfie //