Though sometimes movie and TV award shows can get dull, the fashion never fails to impress and captivate me.  This year especially, I was drawn to the beautiful gowns that a lot the actresses were wearing.  Whether the pieces were subtle or statement, they were each beautifully made and attractive to the eye in their own special way. 

While I was watching, I compiled a list of my two favorites from this years Golden Globe awards.  The reason that these gowns in particular are my favorites are not only because of the style, but because of the detailing and texture.  It is always more appealing -- in my opinion -- when couture dresses have more to them than just the label on the inside.  

Gown #1: Lorena Sarbu

I had never heard of this designer until I saw Greer Grammer, the vision in pink and gold handing out the trophies.  The flutter like tulle at that cascading along the floor like snow was the main attention-getter for this garment.  As soon as the gold embellishments ended, that didn't mean the beauty or details ended.  Sarbu was able to pull in detail and texture throughout the whole piece.

Another favorite part of this dress is the color scheme.  A rosy pink and glimmering gold-silver coloring was the perfect combination.  The two colors worked well with each other in which they did not take over one another but they worked cohesively to create an attractive and dazzling gown.

Gown #2: Miu Miu 

Miu Miu never fails to impress.  This dress doesn't fall short of my high expectations for this brand.  The embellishments are only half of what make this dress so intricate and unique.  The neckline of this gown goes down in a plunging V, but unlike some couture designs that I've seen in the past, this particular one was more modest.  Instead of using skimpy material that is 2' in width, this gown had sturdy silk-like material that was not only substantial but covered more chest than not.  

In addition to the neckline, the back of this dress was stellar.  By using an "invisible" mesh material, this Miu Miu was able to add gold embellishments on the back of the dress that almost looked like there were sparkles on the skin of Sienna Miller's back.  The way that this dress incorporated skin was classy and glamorous.

I want to know what your favorite gowns were from this years Golden Globe awards?  Which dresses caught you eye first?  Let me know in the comments below!