Who doesn't love a little shopping?  And by little, I mean a LOT.  Black Friday is all about working out not only your body, but also your credit card after a big Thanksgiving feast.  Black Friday might seem all fine-and-dandy, but the reality is: most stores don't have that great of deals.  Marketing strategies, such as portraying the arrival of black friday, but having no actual deals, is what most companies try to do.  But last year, I trudged my shopaholic self through the tundra (aka, the Midwest), and went Black Friday shopping from 10pm-2am.  Though this may sound fun, the group of girls that I went with along with myself, chose the wrong place to shop.  After much pondering along with research, I have come up with the TOP 2 places to spend the big bucks this Black Friday.

The Outlet Mall

I have two outlet malls within 15-45 min distance that have great stores to shop at.  From Kate Spade to Nike, they offer an abundance of high end merchandise.  The best aspect of outlet malls are the prices.  Visiting on a normal day, you can find a Kate Spade wallet for around $50 that was normally $90-100.  Such a steal, right?  The benefit of shopping at outlet malls on Black Friday is that on-top of the already cheap prices, you receive an additional 20-50% off!!  

Sometimes though, I am quite unsure about the deals on Black Friday, only because outlet malls can be extremely picky with their sales.  My suggestion is to visit your local outlet mall's website.  When I went on mine, I was able to see specific details about the amount of sale at each store, and which stores were even offering sales!  By checking the website first, you're able to narrow down whether or not an outlet mall is the best place for you to black friday shop this year.

The Mall (not just any mall, a BIG mall)

Last year, I made the terrible mistake of going to a mall that was closest to me.  Though we wanted to save a time-consuming drive, we instead gave up good merchandise.  The problem with super local malls is that they don't always have a lot to offer.  In addition to the lack of product, my local mall was extremely chaotic and messy.  The Forever 21 that I went into was a literal pigsty.  I was completely unable to find any clothing because all of the tables and racks were covered in random merchandise that was anything but organized.  Though I'm quite aware that it is hard to keep up with store matience on a day like Black Friday, smaller malls should do something about their store upkeep.  

So, my recommendation is to visit a larger, more upscale mall.  Even though the drive might be 20 min longer, it will be worth it in the end.  Since larger malls carry higher-end brands, you're able to find sweet deals on the stores that you wouldn't normally shop at.  Also, large malls carry brands like Forever 21, H&M, and PacSun (stores that would be at a smaller, more local mall), so your already cheap clothing will be even cheaper!  

Remember, don't pull an 'Amanda' and shop at the places that have lame-o deals, but instead, shop at the locations that you KNOW will carry the best deals, have the best prices, and have the largest selection of merchandise! Most of all, make sure you have a fun, safe, and SHOP SAVVY Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

XOXO, Amanda