Being a Midwest fashionista, the cold weather often winds up and hits me hard in the face during this time of year.  As it is too chilly to do much of anything besides sit inside, my school will frequently call school off as a way to prevent us "children" from freezing-- which is fine by me.  But since I am trapped in my house in fear of my face falling off from walking outside, keeping myself entertained for long periods of time is a challenge. In order to prevent myself from dying of boredom, I made a very detailed schedule as to what I was going to do today, and for the rest of the month on days where it is virtually impossible to go outside.  So for those of you who are experiencing the tundra as well (and for those of you who are not, you are truly lucky), keep these ideas in mind for those days where you cannot whip up anything to do.


I may sound "basic", but Netflix is a great way to pass time.  Just the morning, I was able to get through 3 episodes of Gilmore Girls, my new T.V. guilty pleasure. 

One of the best aspects of binge watching Netflix, is the ability to relax without sleeping, because lets be honest here: who wants to waste the day sleeping when you can be productive and finish an entire season of Gilmore Girls in one day? 

But some of you are probably reading this and thinking... "Gilmore who?", and I completely understand.  Not everyone is going to have the same taste in T.V. shows, but for those of you who like semi-dramatic, humorous, with a romance type of shows, I have compiled a list of my favorite T.V. series of all time (that you can view on Netflix or rent the box discs from your local library). 

- One Tree Hill: Small town.  Love triangles.  Family and town drama.

- Gossip Girl: Fashion.  Scandal.  Romance.

- The O.C.: Bad boys. Timid girls.  Romance.  Drama.  Schmear (you'll understand once you watch).

- 90210: Sunny skies.  Cute boys.  Feisty girls. 

- The Carrie Diaries: Fashion.  Drama.  Romance.  Humor.

So grab a bag of popcorn, your comfiest pajamas, and a pillow.  Have fun Netflix-ing!


The best and greatest thing to do in order to pass time is to clean.  Yes clean.  Since school has started, and all I want to do by the time I come home is lay in bed, I have not had time to clean my room.  I understand that your motivation level to clean is probably at an all time low.  Who wants to clean?  Most likely NOT you.  But let me tell you, cleaning and organizing can be very rewarding.  How, you may ask? 

1) You are able to rid of any items that you never knew you had.  That old math homework? Yeah, TRASH IT.  Those old games that you played with when you were 6 but haven't touched since? Yeah, DONATE IT.  

2)  You can look around your room without questioning the existence of your floor.

3) You have a place to sleep at night... yes you, not your clothes, because GUESS WHAT?! Your bed is no longer a closet. 

4) You can go through all of your clothing, figure out what you don't wear anymore and sell it online! (Poshmark? DUH. 20 extra bucks in your pocket, CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?)

Regardless of your reasoning  for cleaning, you will not only feel satisfied when you're finished, but the time will go by quick and you will realize that you have a lot less time left in the day to be bored.


Reading?! For fun?! Yes!  I know this concept may seem far fetched, since you all have probably been swamped with school required reading.  But cold days are the perfect time so snuggle up under a blanket, pick out your favorite book, and read like it's no one's business.  

I used to love reading.  I could fly through an entire book in a matter of hours.  But ever since being in high school, I have yet to enjoy this past time. Since it has been quite a while since I have read, I have become unsure as to what to read.  So, looking through my bookshelf, I have found a variety of books that I am either going to re-read, or start for the first time. 

Like many of you, not knowing what to read, I have come up with a list of my favorite books of all time, that will grab your attention and force you to finish the book in a day... perfect reads for cold days.

- The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy: Romance.  Friendship.  Summer.

- Endless Summer: Boys next door.  Romance.  Drama.

- Wear this Now: Fashion.  Non-fiction.  Self-help style.

- Artichokes Heart: Uplifting.  Romance.  Feel goods.

So instead of moping around at school because of your lack of free-reading time, take advantage of these chilly-days and sit back and relax with a good read.

Enjoy these days of frozen-ness.  Stay warm.  Stay relaxed, and let the time pass.