In the words of white-rapper Hoodie Allen, "You peaked at eighteen, cool." Wouldn't it be amazing if you were remembered at your high school, for not the amount of friends you had, boys you slept with, or parties you attended, but by how you chose to express yourself through fashion? 

In today's world, fashion is one of the most expressive ways of portraying who you are, but it's also one of the most ignored ways.  In todays teenage world, young woman think that the way to become "popular" and "recognized" is to participate in activities that would normally be looked down upon.  Personally, when I hear at school that (insert name here) got extremely wasted and slept with God knows how many boys at that rager over the weekend, I don't find that as something to commend.  If popularity is being based on how many wrong things you do in your lifetime, then what is the point of trying to stand out? 

Instead of going crazy on the weekends, I feel that there is a way to REALLY show who you are in a way that is commendable.  Fashion is all about being different.  Though you may see so-called fashionable girls at school wearing basically the same thing, keep in mind that that is limited fashion, and not really fashion at all.  Why would you try to be like everyone else?  That doesn't help you achieve your goal of standing out at all.  When you get dressed in the morning, it is most important to think about what YOU enjoy wearing and what YOU think will express your mood.  If you go to your closet/drawers and think, "I wonder if other people will like my outfit today" then you are doing something wrong.  Fashion and style shouldn't be based around what other peoples feelings may or may not be.  Who cares?  If your main goal is to become "popular", AKA stand out, then why care about the feelings of others (regarding your clothing) if your intent is to dress like everyone else.

Though sometimes you may not know what you're feeling or what you want to wear, I have come up with a few guidelines regarding how to chose your outfit in the morning.

Guideline No.1: When you wake up, are you:

a) tired

b) energized

c) in the middle

If you chose a, choose an outfit that is soft and flowy.  When you wear tight clothing, it is harder for you body to relax during the day because you are constantly worried about the way your clothes are fitting.

If you chose b, choose an outfit that will allow you to feel mobile throughout the day.  Throw on your favorite pair of trousers and a tee with flats.  You are able to look stylish and sophisticated without preventing your movement.

If you chose c, mix and match with a and b.  Maybe wear a flowy skirt and a tee shirt with a necklace.  That way, you're still able to be comfortable but look more than presentable.

Guideline No.2:  Completely erase from your mind what the other girls at school wore the previous day.  

There is no sense in trying to mimic what other girls have worn.  If you do copy them, you just look like a clone with no self expression.  It is always important to dress in YOUR personal style.  Sure, you may find different style ideas from the people that you see, but gathering ideas and copying are two completely different concepts... KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!!

Guideline No.3: Branch out of your comfort zone. 

Most girls at school, will dress safe.  Not because they are scared to dress more exuberant, but because they want to be like everyone else.  So if you are someone who wears mostly bright and fun colors, try wearing all black for a change!  That will most definitely capture the eyes of others.  Personally, I am a lover of all black clothing (as you probably know since I talk about this a lot), and I find it very amusing to see the reactions from my classmates when I wear bright clothing.  By doing something as simple as breaking out of your comfort zone, you are able to attract looks, thoughts, and attention as a whole.

As you can see, there are so many different ways to captivate others and allow them to notice you.  You can do so much more than be a partier or a social butterfly in order to gain popularity or recognition.  Fashion is your oyster, use it to your full potential and in as many ways as you possibly can.

XOXO, Amanda