I have always known that I wanted to become a writer post college. Writing was my passion. It was a way for me to express my emotions and feelings in a more private way than speaking was. I was able to communicate my deepest thoughts without jumbling my words or figuring out on the fly how to formulate them. All together, writing was just easier. Not easier in the way that making a PB&J sandwich for dinner instead of actually cooking was. Not easier in the way that wearing sweatpants because it takes too much effort to think about your outfit was (alarm ready style?) was. But more so easier in the way that I was able to ACTUALLY say what I thought. Whenever I would try to speak what I felt, it would never come out right, causing a tornado like disaster that never ended well for me. Writing was a way to be clear and concise. 

Starting my junior year of High School, I was beginning to think of what I wanted to do with my writing. When I would write a novel, it would always end after around 100 pages. I never knew how to close the book without the (much hated) cliffhangers. As much as I enjoyed going deeper into the thoughts of others, I wasn't really into doing that as a career (harassing peoples minds is otherwise known as field journalism). Clothes. Fashion. Style. All things I loved and obsessed over. Confidence. Though I never had much of that myself, I always loved to help others improve their own confidence. Therefore resulting in becoming a fashion-lifestyle writer. 

Nearing the middle of my junior year, I knew that fashion writing was what I wanted to pursue as a college study as well as a career after college. Even so, I was not ready to leave high school. I was ready to experience all of the activities and gatherings that senior year had to offer. But as spring break rolled around, resulting in college visit time, I was readying myself for college and college life. When summer had finally allowed us to feel its true warmth, I had an amazing job at Ootra, where I befriended the other employees where they would gush about their college experience, the amazing friends that they had, and all of the career paths they were going on. Suddenly, I was hit by the feeling that I had none of those things, but I wanted them. I wanted to have the best of friends that enjoyed the same activities as me, I wanted to be on that road to the perfect career. I no longer cared about high school football games, high school drama, HIGH SCHOOL. I was more than ready to spread my wings and enjoy my future career. Though I was/am unable to fast forward my life, I started doing things that would help my future career and push me in the right direction. I took on blogging, doing fashion sketches, working in retail, and creating (occasional) fashion LookBooks. All things that I knew I would be doing in college. Doing these activities really helped me to branch out from the High School world. They helped me become independent and confident in my future career as well as myself.

In more ways than one, I am ready for college. I'm ready to leave the much raved about High School. I'm not a high schooler. I'm a College ready girl, stuck in the body of someone who is still in high school who has found ways to overcome and escape the high school world and drama.

XOXO, Amanda