It's cold outside.  So cold in fact that I had two days off of school (HOLLAR!!).  So earlier this week, I decided that it was about time for this Midwest fashionista to get a winter coat.  I had been eyeing the 'Lodge Down Parka' from Eddie Bauer for quite some time, but the price tag was a little hefty for me, totaling at $250.  After walking past EB for about a month, there was finally a sale for 25% off!  But I still wasn't pleased with the $175 price.  Sadly, I had to wait longer.  So after some long-hard online coupon searching, I found an additional 10% off discount, brining the price down to $150, which was reasonable.  Since the weather here in the Windy City was -20° including wind chill, I decided that regardless of the extra $50 I was spending on this coat, it was a necessity.


- Coat: Eddie Bauer 

- Tights: Khols (From my Mom!)

- Flats: Christian Siriano for Payless

- Purse: Forever 21

 But regardless of the temperature, it is always imperative to look put together and cute.  So when I woke up this morning, let me tell ya, I was freezing.  For this past week, my bedroom was like a sauna, but for some reason, today was different.  So when I was getting dressed, I realized that I wanted to incorporate layering into my outfit to stay warm.  

I put on my favorite tee-shirt dress, but since I am tall, it doesn't quite cover my behind, so to stay warm and covered I put a bodycon slip dress underneath to give that added coverage.  But since I still felt chilly, and wanted more dimension to my look, I put on a more cropped style flowy top.  I was finally warm, and had achieved the look that I wanted.  

To finish off my outfit I put on my new favorite pair of tights that my mom bought me for Christmas, that are opaque like leggings, but still breathable.  Tights are always a favorite of mine, I love the sleek effect that they bring to any outfit.  Lastly, I added a structured fringe-like statement necklace to make the ensemble POP!


- Slip: Free People

- Tee shirt dress: Brandy Melville

- Top: Forever 21

- Necklace: Jennifer Lopez Collection

- Tights: Kohl's (from my Mom!)

Overall, I was able to accomplish a put together edgy look, that not only kept me warm, but allowed my outfit to flow and have dimension and details.


Photos processed in Adobe Lightroom