It has been quite some time since I have posted an OOTD.  Too long, actually.  I am currently blogging to you via my new laptop.  A wonderful new electronic that I will hopefully be able to use in order to  show more of my designs and sketches to you all.

But back on the topic of today's OOTD.  As I was partaking in my usual nighttime routine before bed of checking my social media -- which includes Pinterest -- I stumbled upon an adorable layered outfit which had a more preppy tone to it.  I immediately fell in love.  I decided that the next day, I wanted to re-create the outfit with my own spin. 

The Pinterest Look:

This look consists of many pieces that allow the outfit to flow and work together as one.  Though the patterns and textures might be a little crazy, they actually are cohesive for two reasons:

1) Since the shirt is floral, and the top layered underneath is lace, the floral pattern lasered into the lace allows for both pieces to remain similar, yet different.

2) The fun pop of color brought upon by the jeans matches the blue in the top, allowing for a fun simplicity.

This outfit incorporates two of my favorite styles: layering and eccentricism.

My Recreation:

Outfit Details:

Pants: Urban Outfitters

Top: Thirfted

Layered Tank: Zara

Flats: Target

Necklace: Forever 21

Jacket: IDK

Though my recreation followed the same "layered-prep" scheme, it also varied from the original outfit.

Most of you are aware with the fact that I love to wear dark colors, so instead of paring my already colorful pants with an even more colorful top, I opted for a more subtle top.  Though I changed up the color scheme a bit, I still included a white layering piece underneath my shirt.  The asymmetrical accordion tank top allowed for movement to an otherwise stiff shirt. 

Though the color of my top didn't match with my pants, the colors allowed for a close-knit combination that in the end, made my outfit look chic and more simple than the inspiration picture.

In addition, I decided to wear a pair of nude flats rather than black.  I decided to this in order to add some matching to the top I was wearing, so there would be some sort of flow to my outfit!

To finish off the look, I put on my favorite pearl statement necklace and added a cute wool coat for warmth when going outside. 

Even though my recreation varied from the inspiration, I was still able to take ideas and techniques from it to create a layered-prep ensemble!!