After Taylor Swift, I have a slight woman-crush obsession with Lily Collins.  The movies that she has acted in are not only hilarious as well as heart-warming, but she looks stunning in every single one.  Her fierce eyebrows, smoldering stare, sassy hair, and rockin sense of style is what captivates me.  She knows how to look confident yet sultry.  I wish I could look and dress like her, but not everyone can afford her $10,000+ wardrobe.


Kimono: Lily Collins exact kimono was from Topshop, but unfortunately, this particular one sold out.  So I decided to go with one that was more appropriate for the current weather.  The one I found is from Brandy Melville ($45 - The color is very similar to the one Lily is wearing, but is a lot cheaper.  In addition, the one from Brandy is longer in length, which is perfect for the upcoming cold weather.

Jeans: Since it's hard to figure out the exact brand of Collin's jeans, I decided to chose a pair that are comfortable, sleek, and affordable.  A pair that I have been obsessing over are from Zara ($50 -, though they are a little pricey, I have found that if you don't splurge a bit on jeans, they end up feeling uncomfortable and hard to wear.  Zara's jeans are extremely breathable, and since they are made with part cotton, they are very soft and easy to wear. 

Necklace: Lily Collin's pendant necklace is the perfect addition to her outfit.  It is simple enough that it doesn't take away from the detailing in her kimono, but shiny enough so it is visible and adds a pop.  The one that I found from Forever 21 ($5.90 - is very similar to Collins, but differs in that it's a crescent, so though it catches your eye, it always causes you to look a little closer at the shape. 

Crop Top: this is the simplest part of the entire outfit.  Any simple black crop top will do, but the one that I found from Forever 21 ($12.80 - is so versatile because the zipper on the back allows for easy access and removal, but it's also a great piece to wear alone!

Shoes: Since I couldn't find a look-alike to Lily's breathtaking heels, I found a simpler and easier to wear version.  These booties from UNIONBAY ($35.00 - have the perfect amount of sparkle to amp up any outfit without distracting it from the rest of your ensemble.  These booties are easy to walk in because of the kitten heel, but still add a glam factor to your outfit. 


Top: This top that Lily Collins is wearing is classy yet super simple. The boxy fit and cape-like sleeves give dimmension and movement to the outfit.  The top that I found from ASOS is very similar to the one Collins is sporting, ($20.85 -  The great thing about a blouse like this is that you can wear it with all black, or spice it up with some color.  Regardless, it will be your new go-to piece in your wardrobe to spice up any dull outfit.

Skirt: The skirt that Lily is wearing is so unique in that the back of it has ruffles that sashay off the skirt.  Since I couldn't find a skirt like this at a reasonable price -- most were ranging from $400-$1000 -- I found this great skirt from Forever 21 ($19.80 - that has an origami hemline with a statement pocket on the front.  Though this skirt didn't have the same ruffle detailing, it does have a pop of uniqueness that is similar to Lily's skirt.

Shoes: These shoes are so classic but add just the right amount of color and print to this outfit.  Since this ensemble is more formal and classy, by adding a pair of animal print pumps, it gives the perfect amount of spunk the outfit.  The pair I found from JCPenney ($34.99 - are almost identical to Lily's, but a lot cheaper in price.  So just throw these on with your all black outfit, and your ready to hit the runway. 


Shirt: Graphic tee's are the perfect way to make a an outfit instantly more casual.  Since I didn't know the exact phrase that was printed on Lily's shirt, I decided to go for a cute one from Brandy Melville that says "Big Apple" ($19 -  This top is great for feeling comfortable but still looking adorable.

Jacket: Military jackets are essential for fall.  Since I don't reside in LA, like Lily does, I chose a more cold-weather appropriate alternative.  The jacket I found is from Forever 21 ($42.80  Like Lily Collins's jacket, the one I picked out is also a dark green, and includes some gold detailing.  This type of jacket is the perfect addition to any casual outfit.

Jeans: Like I have stated before, jeans are only great to wear when they are comfortable, and not everyone has hundreds of dollars just laying around for their jean budget.  I have found that both American Eagle and Zara offer the best quality jeans for a great price.  But for this outfit, I chose Zara jeans ($39.90 - because they are casual, and their fit was a little more loose like Lily was wearing.

Booties: The booties that Lily Collins is wearing are so chic.  They're a unique way to add some chic'ness to this outfit that is oh-so casual.  The pair I chose are from Forever 21 ($34.90 -  The reason I chose these pair of shoes is because the gold detailing in them matches the same gold in the jacket.  Since I couldn't find a pair of wrapped style booties like Collin's is wearing, I chose a similar black pair that has cutout detailing. Both styles are a fantastic option of any casual outfit that needs a burst of street.

So don't be intimidated by celebrity fashion just because of the high prices.  There are so many ways to recreate their outfits to fit your budget and your style!

XOXO, Amanda