minimalistic fashion (noun): simple clothing with basic colors such as black and white

grunge fashion (noun): characterized by unkempt clothing 

Though I don't consider my clothing unkempt, I do consider this particular outfit lazy and simple.  Yesterday, I wore a bright color in my outfit.  Being a black clothing enthusiast, I felt the need to wear all black today, to make up for my lack-there-of yesterday... but I wanted to keep it simple. 

The reason to which I characterized my outfit today as "grunge" is because it took me a matter of 2 minutes to put together this outfit.  It is sloppy in the most fashionable kind of way: grunge.  I made up for my laziness by adding key pieces to my ensemble: booties and a kimono.  Even though my shirt dress and tights were a bit scandalous (don't worry, I was wearing shorts underneath my dress), the minimalistic pieces that I added made up for my "less classy" dress choice, and turned it into a cute and school appropriate outfit. 

My favorite part of this entire outfit was the hidden gems.  Since there was a hint of purple in my kimono, I decided to put on a purple lace halter bralette to add a pop of color to the top of my dress.  To make my short booties a little more fun, I added a pair of ruffled socks. And my hair even added a pop of sassy!  Instead of your typical half-up-half-down hairstyle, I decided to put my top half in a cute little topknot! I also braided my hair and added sea salt spray for texture! This hairstyle is fun and super easy to do, especially in the morning when you just can't seem to wake up!

 These miniscule additions added some funkiness and in turn, amp'd up my outfit.

XOXO, Amanda

shirt-dress: brandy melville

tights: target

kimono: h & m

bralette: free people

socks: topshop

booties: target

sea-salt spray (hair): not your mothers beach babe spray