I never liked the saying "new year, new you".  I never quite understood why the new year was an excuse or incentive to change who you are entirely.  The sole purpose of New Years resolutions are to better yourself, not change yourself.  While I have a hard time thinking of resolutions in order to change myself, I was able to to come up with resolutions to better myself.  My resolutions are not ones that only fit for myself, but they can also fit in with a variety of people.  Therefore, I decided that I would share them with you all in hopes of encouraging to not CHANGE but to ENHANCE.

Resolution #1: Only buy sale clothing.

As someone who as of this upcoming fall season will be a college student, I starting thinking about the "m-word": MONEY.  It's common knowledge that college student's are "BROKE".  While this may be true, there are still ways to save money in college without sacrificing your loves.  Personally, I love to shop.  Even though I still feel a pain every time I hand over my card to the cashier, I still enjoy the increased immune system and feeling of happiness when I shop.  

Though both of those two things are beneficial, the amount statement in your checking account after a shopping spree is anything but pleasant.  So this year, I have decided to commit to buying clothing that is on sale ONLY.  

Why? You may be asking?  For the main reason that it will force you to only buy a limited amount of clothing, because lets be real, there are only a select number of pieces that you actually like that are on sale.  

Though this may seem like a scary and unattainable goal, it's actually quite reasonable an attainable for a couple of reasons.

#1: You will feel less guilty when purchasing sale clothes vs. buying full priced clothes.

#2: 80% of the time, you will find something you like better on the sale rack than not.

#3: You're able to buy 1/2 as much clothing for the same price you would if you bought full priced clothes.

Buying clothing on sale, overall, is the best bet.  You're able to purchase good finds, feel proud of the decisions you make, and be free of guilt.  AND, in the long-run, you are saving money and no longer will you be called a "BROKE (fill in year of school) KID".

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Resolution #2: Break the fashion rules.

I hate dull and I hate traditional.  As I have learned from Ootra, and have grown to find true, there are no seasons or trends within fashion.  As many fashion influences will say (but then later on lie to you with all of their "fashion rules"), style is all about self-expression and drifting from the norms.  

There have been a few "fashion rules" that I have recently been questioning.  For one, the rule of "you cannot wear navy and black together".  WHAT?!  I do not understand.  Just because the two colors go well together, does not mean that  I was getting dressed in the dark. There is nothing wrong with certain color combinations, in fact, any and every color combo should be allowed if YOU like to wear it and it makes sense.  Secondly, the rule of "following fashion magazines and the runway exactly for style inspo".  My question for you all is, what is the point of personal style if you're a fashion-replica from Vogue

This year, I challenge you all to go out of your comfort zone, and branch out from the typical styles.  Sometimes, it's good to mix it up and wear what other people aren't wearing and kick the "fashion-rules" to Timbuktu.

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Resolution #3: Outfit planning to rack up your hours in bed

According to a statistic from The Telegraph, women spend about a YEAR picking out what to wear.  When you think about it, you lose an insane amount of time doing other things when you waste time picking out an outfit.  In my personal experience, on of the #1 activities that I miss out on the most when I'm contemplating what to wear, is my sleep.  

This Christmas, my sister, brother, and parents bought me a (torso) mannequin for my room.  Not only did I want one for the chic-ness of it, but I wanted it as a way to improve my time management and sleep schedule.  One of the main time killers when picking out an outfit is the amount of times you have to take off then put on clothing.  Unlike humans, mannequins are a lot easier to undress the re-dress, therefore saving a lot of time in that department.  The other benefit of having a mannequin (or if you do not, laying your clothes out on the floor), is that the night before school or an event, you pick out your outfit, and when you wake up the next morning you have nothing to worry about because your outfit is already chosen and you know for a fact that it looks spectacular.  

Along with planning your outfit the night before, it is also beneficial to have an organized closet so you know what you have worn before and what you have not.  That way, you won't be an outfit repeater and you can gravitate towards clothing that isn't always your first pick, but you still own.  One of my favorite ways to organize my closet is to turn the hanger BACKWARDS after I have worn it already.  This is super helpful when you go find a top or bottom to wear, you know what you have and have not worn, not to mention it is probably one of the easiest ways to stay organized.  

Whether you're the type of person who likes to plan an outfit the night before, keep your closet organized, or BOTH, it is super easy to catch up on sleep or other activities that dressing to the nines has preventing you from doing.  

The Bottom Line

This New Year, don't strive to become someone different, instead strive to enhance yourself and sharpen your fashion tendencies and skills.  

New Year... even BETTER you.