Oscar de la Renta.  The king of couture gowns and haute fashion.  Though some may remember him by his spectacular feminine pieces, I remember him by his ability to tell a story in each design that he created.

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Since Vogue is the Fashion Bible, designers from around the world are shown within the pages.  Oscar de la Renta had some of the most outstanding and captivating ads by far.  

This image, from de la Renta's 2014 ad campaign portrays more than just beautiful dresses.  The structure of each piece is boxy, but flows off each model's body in a way that is so flattering.  Since floral is always feminine, the way that Oscar illustrated his ad spoke to a larger audience, rather than just girly women.  Since the backdrop is ashy, and looks almost like stone, it creates a distraction from the floral print on the dresses. By doing this, he has the viewer focus on the dress as a whole, and the multi-dimensional (gender) feel that it emits,  rather than just specific parts of each dress.  Not only are the designs of the dresses beautiful, but they are unique in more ways than one. 

This ad also comes from the 2014 campaign.  Since menswear is on trend, the blazer-top style for these dresses is so unique.  At first glance, these pieces look almost like a pantsuit.  But Oscar knew the perfect way to show femininity.  By adding a slit down the side of the dress, and having a plunging neckline, it allows the gown to stay within the menswear parameters, but still remain lady-like. 

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In addition to ad campaigns, Oscar de la Renta ruled the red carpet as well as the runway.  His designs spoke to celebrities and fashion icons.  The way that each piece was created told a story and fit the wearer and their personality extraordinarily.  

For the 2013 Oscars, Amy Adams is wearing this feather-like dress.  The way that the gown flows and flutters off of her body not only is breathtaking to look at, but fits Amy's personality so closely.  Oscar was able to create an unbelievable piece that made your heart ache just from looking at the gown.  The construction, as well as the materials used to make the dress are outstanding.  A true designer knows how to not only dress the body, but dress the spirit and personality of the one wearing it as well.

As far as individuality goes, de la Renta hits home.  This two-piece ensemble is stunning and full of detail.  Though both the skirt and top are created with laser cutouts, they were both very unique on their own.  Since the top is just white, it gives the allusion of larger cutouts.  And since the skirt has black outlining, it gives the allusion of smaller cutouts.  Even though both patterns are identical, Oscar found a way to make each separate piece look unique and captivating, a task that is usually hard to achieve.

. . .

Oscar de la Renta's fashion was beautiful.  He spoke to his customers as well as the public.  Just by looking at his creations, your breath was immediately taken away.  He was not only creative, but he was also an individual.  He created fashion masterpieces like no other designers around.  

. . .

Oscar himself will be missed, as well as his talent and heart for fashion.  No other designers will be able to compare to him and the way that he ruled the couture dress house.  His creations are an important part of the fashion world, and his ideas and designs will progress as his legacy remains and moves forward.

RIP, much love.

XOXO, Amanda

In great memory of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta (1932-2014)