Does my cardigan look familiar to you?  Well that is because I blogged about this "versitile cardigan"!  This cardigan has been my go-to for any day that I want to add some warmth and coziness to my outfit.  Today was the perfect day for that.  Since it was rainy and a bit chilly where I live, I decided to pair my super thick and soft shift dress with this cardigan!  The great thing about this cardigan in particular is that its faux fur lined, so even though my dress is sleeveless, the sleeves on the cardigan gave me the warmth and comfort that I was looking for.

Though my outfit was soft and perfect for a chilly and rainy day, I accessorized in order to stay practical yet chic.  To start off, my riding boots were the perfect height and material for any potential puddle accidents.  To add some chicness to my outfit though, I added a pretty tri-layer necklace in rose gold to tie the whole outfit together.

So even though it was rainy and muggy outside, I still found a way to be comfortable and cute.  So don't trade in your fashionable clothes for sweats and a hoodie when it's raining, opt for comfortable cardigans and practical boots.

XOXO, Amanda

cardigan: francesca's collection (jun & ivy)

dress: brandy melville

leggings: target

boots: urbanog

necklace: from my grandma