I always get in those funky moods where I want to add some edge to my outfit by throwing in some boy-ish pieces with a touch of girly flair.  Today was not an exception.  Since I had dressed mostly feminine all week, I decided that it was about time to rough up my look.  

I started with a pair of ripped grey/black jeans that my mom bought me for Christmas from American Eagle.  Since I am in no way a "jeans" girl, when purchasing a pair of denim, I make sure that they are extra comfortable.  I have found much luck with American Eagle's jeans.  They have the right amount of stretch to keep them cozy without looking too much like leggings.  

Since it is the Midwest, and cold none-the-less, I knew that I needed to layer the upper half of my body in order to make up for the lack of skin coverage on my lower half.  I decided that I wanted to wear my favorite slip dress with lace detailing to add a touch of girliness to my outfit.  Over the slip, I put on a cozy and warm tee-shirt dress in black to continue with my edgy ensemble.

To finish of the look, I put on my 5-strand wrap bracelet that glimmers when it catches the light, and my signature black booties.  Overall, my outfit was boy-ish girly edgy with added comfort.  The perfect combination for those day's where you're sick of wearing pink (or any color besides black for that matter). 


- Jeans: American Eagle

- Slip: Free People

- Tee: Brandy Melville

- Booties: Forever 21

- Bracelet: Victoria Emerson