Defining your friends based on the characteristics of designer shoes

Shoes are a girls best friend.  They define you, they go everywhere with you, they're ALWAYS THERE.  Similar to shoes, your girlfriends are the exact same way.  But how does one know what the perfect friend is supposed to be like?  Answer: the same way they know what the perfect shoe looks like.  

Friends are easy to make but hard to keep.  Shoes are easy to find but hard to love.  While thinking about the friends and lack thereof in my life, I started comparing them to shoes, and created in my head a friend-to-shoe comparison (though I may be shunned for some of my listed characteristic... whoops).  

The Louboutin

pronounced: (lou-baton)

The Louboutin Characteristics: 

- business on the top, sassy on the bottom (black top, red sole) 

- pricey for what exactly...? (prices range from $500 to over $1000, insane I know)

- lacking comfort (these run pretty narrow... so in order to stay comfortable you have to buy a size up)

- sweet designs (spikes, unique heels, awesome prints, insane colors... the whole 9 yards!)

The Louboutin Friend Analysis:

Though your friend may be sweet on the outside and mature, once you get to REALLY know her, shes kind of a witch.  You gain basically nothing from her friendship, it's almost as if she "walks" all over you, causing you to feel uncomfortable and questioning your decision for being her friend.  The plus side of this friendship?  She has some unique clothing that she occasionally lets you borrow... other than that... nothing. 

The Tory Burch

pronounced: (tore-e-burr-ch)

The Tory Burch Characteristics:

- classy and simple (an easy ballet flat, simple colors)

- comfortable (there's no heel... get what I'm trying to say ladies)

- flat with little design (very basic, no intricate design)

- brand label plastered on the toe (a big T in a circle sewn on the toe obnoxiously)

- mediocre in price (not cheap, not expensive)

The Tory Burch Friend Analysis:

This girlfriend is sweet and simple.  She does not have any secrets and she's one of the friendliest girls you will meet.  She is someone you're comfortable to be around! Though sometimes she is a bit bland, she is easy to get along with.  Her only down side is that she likes to be a loudmouth... she enjoys knowing that others know shes around.  She loves being the center of attention on occasion. 

The Miu Miu

pronounced: (me-yew)

The Miu Miu Characteristics:

- comfortable (said to be one of the most comfortable brands of shoes on the market today)

- durable (pretty self explanatory... but they'll last you a lifetime!)

- flashy (Miu Miu likes to cover their shoes in gems and crystals)

- pricey (prices range from $500-$2000... yikes!)

The Miu Miu Friend Analysis:

This friend is so easy to be around.  Though she is extremely self confident, she is a friend that you'll have forever!  It was hard to become her friend, because she is popular and rich, but once you get to know her, you'll find that you love her and she is someone you're comfortable to not only be around, but be YOURSELF around. She the ultimate friend. 

Friends are exactly like shoes.  Some work out and some don't.  I guarantee you thought of about at least 5 of your friends that fit under at least one of each Shoe Friendship Status.  But did you think of the kind of friend YOU are?  No one is perfect, so take the time to analyze yourself and the type of person you are towards your friends!  Maybe you can change for the better and cause a chain reaction.

XOXO, Amanda

** Shoe characteristics were based completely on opinion as well as research.  The friendship analysis's were solely based on the shoe characteristics and what I thought best matched up with those regarding friendship traits. All opinions are my own unless they were researched. **