I have been doing a lot of sketching recently.  When I first started doing Fashion Illustration, I had zero experience.  But I bought a sketch book, grabbed a pencil and eraser, and started drawing.  As I have continued to draw and draw, I have seen my skills get progressivley better, and I have learned on my own, new techniques to incorporate into my drawings.  

These four sketches I am going to show you are my most recent work. The first three, I free hand sketched the outline and detailing of the clothing, and I then imported the images into my laptop to color the garments in.  I found that coloring them in on my computer gives a more clean finish, and there is a wider variety of colors options.  

The very last sketch though, is the complete raw sketch.  It is the one I am most proud of, and have decided not to color in, in fear of losing the detailing and movement in the dress.  

All sketches belong to me, Amanda Kaplan.  All have been created by me and have been thought-up by my imagination.  All rights reserved to Amanda Kaplan, Brunette with a Budget.  For use of any of these images, please contact me.