Taylor Swift is probably my single most favorite person in the world.  Not only does she have a great taste in makeup, but she also has an incredible fashion sense.  Over the last couple of years, T Swift has transformed her style from "whimsical girl-next-door" to the "sophisticated and chic" pop star that she is now.

Her outfits are not only super classy, but they're easy to wear.  Though some of her clothing is a little more pricey, I was able to find some great dupes for the clothing of hers that we wish we had.

Step One: The Makeup

T Swift always has a flawless face.  It's simple, classic, and easy to accomplish


Taylor Swifts "classic red lip" thing has been her signature look for years.  While searching around, I found the exact lipstick that she uses.  For most occasions, she wears the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Liner in Dragon Girl, which costs about $25.00.  Though it isn't too pricey, I was able to find a (basically) exact dupe from Rimmel London's Kate Moss Collection in 01, which costs a mere $5.79, a price that cannot be beat!


Everyone knows Taylor Swift for her sultry winged eyeliner.  Since Swift is a spokesperson for Covergirl, she uses a lot of their products.  After much research, I found out that the eyeliner that Taylor uses is the Covergirl Line Exact eyeliner.  I have used this eyeliner before, and let me tell you, it works AWESOME! It is so easy to use and allows for the best control when making those hard-to-achieve wings. The best part about this eyeliner is that it only costs $6.09. What a steal!


In order to complete any makeup look, it is essential that you apply mascara.  Taylor Swift not only has perfected her eyeliner, but she also has perfected how her eyelashes look in order to make her whole makeup look POP!  Swift usually is sporting the Covergirl Lash Blast mascara, and the great thing about this one in particular is that it doesn't clump... awesome advantage am I right ladies?  Better yet, you only have to break out $6.49 sense for this beauty. 

The Costs:

Taylor Swift: $37.58

Look for Less: $18.37

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Step Two: The Outfit

I don't know about you, but I think that this look is to die for.  It's super simple looking as well as comfortable; a combination that can't be beat!

Cape Jacket:

Taylor Swift's cape in this photo is killer.  It's an attention grabber but is super versatile in the way that you can wear it.  The one that Taylor Swift is wearing is from Topshop, and though it may only cost $64.00, unfortunately it is out-of-stock.  Thankfully, after much browsing around on the Internet, I found a close second from a website called Shoptiques for only $52.00.  Though the color scheme might not be the  exact same, the style is identical and also super comfortable.


Though T Swift might be a tall princess, she still is able to pull off a heeled bootie with grace.  To pull her outfit together, Swift is wearing a pair of Prada booties that cost a whopping $990.00. Since the general population of women cannot afford these booties, a pair that comes in at a close second are from H&M.  The color of both pairs of shoes is relatively close with a brownish-red color.  Though the heel might not be as tall, it is still a good shoe to pick up.  The great aspect is, instead of paying basically a thousand dollars, these shoes only cost $129.00.


Another main statement piece in Swifts outfit is her scarf.  The turquoise color adds a pop, but still remains neutral and simple.  The one T Swift is wearing is from Topshop, and is priced at $30.  Since that wasn't a bad price at ALL for this scarf, I decided to just keep the one she had, I mean, who wouldn't want to wear exactly what Taylor Swift is wearing? 


The jeans that Swift is wearing are so unique and standout-ish.  Not to mention, they match her scarf almost perfectly.  The exact pair that Taylor is wearing is by a brand named Hudson, and they cost $98.00.  Though that price isn't crazy, I still don't want to pay that much on a pair of jeans.  So instead, I found a pair I found from The Limited for $47.00, still not cheap, but still not as expensive as the ones that Swift is wearing!

The Cost:

Taylor Swift: $1,182.00

Look for Less: $258.00

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Since I occasionally want to look like Taylor Swift minus the hefty price tag, this look for less will help me, and whoever else wants to rock T Swifts style.