Not too long ago, I was sitting in my Sociology classroom listening to the lecture of the day.  As we discussed deviance and artwork, I was intrigued by all of the unique and hidden ways that deviance was shown throughout our lives.  

As the bell rang, signaling the end of class, my student loudly said "I don't see the point in runway fashion.  It's stupid. Who would ever wear something as hideous as some of the clothing shown?" 

Now, you might be wondering why instead of B&M'ing on the internet I didn't just say something to the girl.  The reason is, I did not know exactly what I wanted to say.  It's always hard to think of on the spot on good argument, but after discussing it with my mom and thinking on the topic myself, I came up with a feasible argument.

Comparing to Other Artwork

What is the point of a painting?  Especially those in which look like random blobs of color?  Answer: self-expression.  Similar to painting, but a different medium, Runway Fashion Design is a form of art.  Regardless if it is extremely eccentric or not, it is still a form of showing who you are. 

What Not to Wear

Unlike runway clothing designed by designers you see at places such as Nordstrom, the more eccentric runway clothing, like Moschino, are meant to be forms of artwork.  Similarly to a painting, you do not buy a painting to wear it, you buy a painting to display it in your house/office ect... Like Runway Fashion, you don't purchase the piece to wear, you purchase it to admire the details, texture, and design of the garment.  Though not everyone may appreciate fashion as whole, you do need to appreciate the time and effort put into creating the piece of clothing.

Overall, fashion -- like any other form of art -- is a way to express yourself.  Regardless if it is one of your favorite self-expression displays, it is one that should be taken seriously and appreciated.  Whether it's a design from Rodarte or a painting from Michelangelo, art is displayed in a variety of ways. 

XOXO, Amanda