Every fashionista needs a hit list.  Whether it's for dresses, blouses, or pants, your go-to stores are a necessity when shopping.  Being a shopaholic myself, I decided that I should have a hit list regarding places to go tha have amazing deals.  I created the "Budget Hit List".  

Hit No.1: Forever 21

As cliche as I may sound, Forever 21 is a great place to go to for not only outfit inspiration, but dupes for your more expensive favorites.  The way that I go about shopping at Forever 21 is realy quite simple.  I start off by finding the piece of clothing I want-- sometimes I obsess over Chanel signature pieces or Moschino staples-- and then scavenge Forever 21 for a look-alike.  As easy as this may sound, it's actually strenuous. Forever 21 is a HUGE store... sometimes even cluttered with clothes strewn every which way, but approaching Forever 21 in a "style section" way makes accomplishing your goal a lot easier.  I don't know if any of you have noticed, but Forever 21 organizes their store based on style.  At my local Forever 21, they have a boho section, an edgy section, a girly section, and a basics section.  So for example, say I saw this adorable pair of culotte pants from Raoul for $200... most culotte pants are made out of either real leather or faux leather... so I then start off by looking in the "edgy" section of Forever 21, because that section houses leather. By following this rule of thumb, and evaluation the item you want to find for cheaper and then assessing it based on the "sections" of Forever 21, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Hit No.2: Nordstrom Rack

I'm obsessed with the brand Free People.  I'm also obsessed with cool designers who launch their brands through Nordstrom, but not everyone has $200 to blow there.  When I discovered that Nordstrom Rack wasn't a ripoff, I went ham there.  Their Free People section is discounted almost 70%, and half of the clothes that they put on the rack are only  "outdated" by a month or so; they're still in style. Another reason that I love Nordstrom Rack so much is that because they give leadway for new designers to branch out, they always have unique clothing there, for a great price.  Since Marshalls or TJMaxx are the normal go-to's for discounted designer clothing, I have actually come to like Nordstrom Rack a lot better.  NR is 99% more organized, you're able to find basically what you're looking for without having to destroy the racks of clothing or the store in general.  In addition, NR has a wider variety of clothing that doesn't all look the exact same (I don't know about you but I was getting sick and tired of seeing bright colored tribal print clothing at Marshalls and TJMaxx).  I have found that at NR, I am able to find exactly what I was looking for, and that even though the clothing looks high quality and expensive, in reality, I paid no more than $25 per piece. 

Hit No.3: H&M

Though I would compare H&M to Forever 21, I give them loads of credit for being a lot more on trend and having better quality clothes.  I go to H&M whenever I am trying to find clothing pieces straight out of Vogue.  Just recently, In The September Issue, Chanel and Chloe were featuring fuzzy, white jackets.  They were so chic.  Since I do not have over $1,000 to spend on a coat, I decided that I was going to go to H&M to find one.  H&M is similarly structured to Forever 21 in which they have sections based on style, so I immediately headed to the "just in" section, which usually features clothing similiar to those being shown in high fashion magazines or on the runway.  As I was flipping through the jacket rack, I found it.  It was a blazer like, fuzzy white coat.  Not only was it exactly what I was looking for, it was on sale for $20 with 50% off, which is a whopping 1% of what the Chanel coat would have cost me.  H&M is my go-to for high fashion pieces at an awesome price.

Shopping for dupes isn't easy.  It usually takes more than one trip to the mall.  But after you have searched and searched and searched, you will be thrilled with your savvy steals, and be strutting your look-alike piece in the hallways or down the streets.

XOXO, Amanda