Thirty degree weather, low wind-chill, and snow on the ground.  This all sounds way to familiar.  Now that November has rolled around, mother nature has decided to turn of the global heater, and turn on the ice machine.  This shivering cold weather calls for excessive layers that will suffocate heat into staying close to your body.  Though bundling up is a smart choice, no one wants to look like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  Finding a happy warm, but still flattering medium is tricky, but thankfully there are a few ways to pull it over without much effort.

Trick No.1 - Fleece

My mom is a naturally cold person, it seems as though no matter what the temperature is, she is always substantially colder than the rest of my family. But none-the-less, I have learned a much noted tip from her when dressing for cold weather: layer with fleece.  Fleece allows your body heat to stay right where it should -- in your body -- and because fleece clothing can be made with minimum bulk, it's a great option for layering!

One of my mom's favorite companies to purchase fleece pieces from is CuddlDuds.  Before this November, I had never tried on a CuddlDud and therefore was unaware of the miracles that it could do for me.  When my mom suggested that I try one on, I was hesitant, but as soon as I slipped the garment over my head I was snuggled by extra soft fleece and warmth.  

CuddlDuds are the perfect layering piece because even though they might not be as fashionable as your cute floral dress, they are thin enough that you can layer them UNDER your cute floral dress.

Outfit Details:

Fleece Top: CuddlDud

Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21

Booties: Rag & Bone

Tights: Forever 21

Trick No.2 - Cardigans

This may seem obvious, but wearing a cardigan is the most forgotten trick in the book for cold weather style.  Now, I'm not talking about your barely-there J.Crew cardigan, I'm talking about your faux fur lined cardigans.  I recently purchased two (one from H&M and one from Francesca's), and I have been adoring them and wearing them everywhere during the colder days.  

My favorite aspect of faux fur lined cardigans are they are made with minimal fur, which allows it so stay very slim, but still keep your body warm.  As everyone knows, cardigans are made to layer over any top that might not be warm enough for winter wear.  Say you have a sleeveless dress that you adore, well the cardigan allows you to layer a long sleeve top (maybe even another CuddlDud...?) under your sleeveless dress, and then put on your cardigan over the ensemble so you won't look ridiculous.  By doing this, you are able to rock your spring/summer dress without risking frostbite or a visit from the fashion police.

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Francesca's Collection

(The cardigan looks familiar doesn't it...? (: A hint that you should most definitely purchase this piece!)

Dress: Free People

Shirt: Forever 21

Booties: Urban Outfitters

Socks: Urban Outfitters

Trick No.3 - Leggings Instead of Tights

Skirts are probably my top favorite bottom to wear.  I love the way that they flow and how you can wear them with literally any top.  But for someone who walks home from school, facing the cold with just tights covering my legs is not my first option. 

When wearing a skirt in cold weather it is important to wear leggings underneath.  Leggings give virtually the same effect that tights do, but obviously less sheer and a LOT more warm.  Wearing cotton leggings, even fleece leggings are the perfect skirt essential.  Not only are you protected from the 30-below winds, but you're also protected from a case of your skirt flying up and revealing all that is to see underneath (which happens quite frequently when wearing sheer tights, but don't worry, leggings cover EVERYTHING!!).

Outfit Details:

Fleece Leggings: Target

Skirt: TopShop

Combat Boots: Steve Madden

Necklace: JCPenney

Shirt: REVOLVE Clothing

So no matter how much it feels like a tundra outside, there are ways to stay toasty without looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy.  By incorporating one minimum-bulk maximum-warmth piece into your daily outfits, you are sure to stay warm, cozy, and puff free this winter!

XOXO, Amanda