I'd like to call myself a savvy shopper.  I am able to find deals on virtually anything that I want-- hence, where the name Brunette with a Budget came from.  This past weekend, I was scavenging the mall for a flowy cardgian.  I was getting discouraged though, because I was unable to find a cozy and fashionable one for a reasonable price.  After going to my "budget hit list", I decided I would look at the boutique called Francescas just for fun.  Francesca's normally isn't my type of store; too much color and polyester all in one place. But, I decided that I would search through the "Last Chance! 40% off!" sale rack.  As I was rummaging through I found the most beautiful, soft, and fashionable sweater, for only $30!  After I reluctantley handed over my debit card (that poor thing), I decided that I would take this new piece of mine, and make it to be one of the most versatile and wearable pieces in my fall wardrobe. 

The Cardigan:

Jun & Ivy Faux Fur Cardigan from Francesca's Collection 

(online price does not reflect in-store sale price)

The Versatile Cardigan takes on The Outfits:

Outfit No.1:

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Francesca's Collection

Blouse: Chloe K Collection (Nordstrom)

Jeans: American Eagle

Flats: Chloe

My favorite part of this cardigan is the way it drapes away from your body horizontally.  It allows for cape-like movement that captures the eye.  By pairing a top that drapes down vertically along your body, it allows for contrast, as well as the Pantone 2014 Mauve adds color contrast.  Though both tops have a lot of movement, it is important to pair this combination with a tighter pair of pants, this way, you don't look schlubby or oversized.

Outfit No.2:

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Francesca's Collection

Top: Mango

Pants: H&M

Booties: Steve Madden

Since Anna Wintour vetoed all black this year, I decided to chose a top closely related to the Fall 2014 Pantone color, Sangria.  Since this top is relatively cropped, it shortens your torso even though the cardigan is long, causing your body to look more proportioned.  Because I'm the #1 fan of all black, I decided to pull in the dark grey color from the cardigan, and have the bottom half of my body be dark.  The leather leggings add some texture to the outfit, whereas the detailing on the booties add some eye capturing dimension.

Outfit No.3:

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: Francesca's Collection 

Dress: Nelly

Socks: Free People

Booties: Alexander Wang

There's nothing wrong with taking a comfy and relaxed cardigan and making it dressy.  By adding a colorful, Pantone 2014 colored shift dress, you add a pop to your outfit but allow for a more dressed up look.  The socks are my favorite touch.  Since this outfit's color family is mostly deeper colors, the ruffles at the edge of the socks, peeking out of the booties add the perfect amount of girliness, but still staying within the same color scheme. 

This fall is all about maintaining your dark colors, but adding a POP of fun Pantone 2014 Fall colors into the mix!  This one comfy and versatile cardigan can be paired with just about anything to create any sort of style for any sort of occasion.  Be daring with your colors this season, and enjoy the fall weather with your 3 in 1 cardigan!

XOXO, Amanda

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