Fashion can be defined as many things: designers, style, putting an outfit together, what one wears, ect... But for me, fashion is much more than that. And sometimes, I feel like many people do not understand the true meaning of fashion, and therefore do not look beyond the prices and labels. 

For as long as I can remember, I have always defined fashion in my head as a form of self-expression. Rachel Zoe says herself, in one of my all time favorite quotes, "Fashion is a way to say who you are without having to speak." By putting together an outfit, you are allowing yourself to speak witout saying any words. Moods define outfits. Maybe one day you're tired and overwhelmed with life, you're most likely going to wear something that is comfortable yet practical. Maybe you listened to your favorite (The) 1975 song and are feeling a bit grunge, so you wear all black. No matter what you are experincing in your day, your fashion reflects that. 

A complete misconception that I feel many have towards what fashion really is, is that they think buying the most expensive clothes is what is considered fashion. Though I feel like I have touched on this point and have ranted about it before, I think that this is something that is super important. Buying a $2000 dress and wearing just that is not considered fashion. Though the dress may have the potential to be such, by just wearing that piece alone you are anything but fashionabe. The best kinds of fashion come from steals (no I'm not saying that just because I'm Brunette with a BUDGET). I find it amazing when girls have a kick-butt outfit on that they bought for a TOTAL, (yes, a total) of $10 at a thift store. The thing is, no one would know that their outfit only cost them $10 because of how they styled it. They were able to create something magical and fashionable with just $10.

Fashion is all about being able to pair whatever you have with whatever you want to wear. Sure, sometimes it's extremely fun to go out and splurge on the latest trend from a high end designer, but don't let that single piece confuse you with what fashion really is. The ability to work around that piece with others and create a unique and intricate ensemble is what fashion is. The ability to rewear the same top 3 times a week but having no one notice is what fashion is. The ability to take pieces that look exactly like a high end one and turn them into a million dollar looking outfit is what fashion is. The ability to express your emotions and dreams and fears in one simple outfit is what fashion is. Fashion is rolling out of your bed late and putting together an outfit in your head in just 10 minutes. Fashion is creating. Fashion is dreaming. Fashion is not your $3000 staple. 

Fashion is an essential part of  life. And if that scares you, then you're doing something right. It should be challenging-- it WILL be challenging. But don't settle for that pricy dress. Don't be intimidated by girls who think that their expensive clothing is fashion. Wear what you want and be as creative as possible. Fashion is how YOU express yourself. Fashion is speaking without saying anything.

XOXO, Amanda