Summer is a time for cute clothes, tan skin, and no makeup. Summer is not about butt cheeks showing, muffin tops, and raccoon eyes. Though this a fashion blog, some trends for this summer are outrageous, embarrassing, and inappropriate.


I am a fan of cute shorts: denim, fabric, and patterned. I like having length on my shorts so that I will still look classy and covered no matter how hot it is outside. While strutting my fully covered butt downtown, I noticed some girls were making their butt cheeks their new summer fashion accessory. This is extremely gross and inappropriate. I understand the idea of short-shorts, but no one (nor fashion magazine) has showed or stated that butt cheeks need to be shown when wearing these short-shorts. There are many ways to get the short length you want but cover everything up at the same time. 



FABRIC SHORTS (Free People): These are probably my favorite type of short to wear in the summer. They're very versatile because you are able to dress them up or dress them down. The MAJOR plus side for these shorts is that since they're a movable fabric, you do not have to worry about them not covering your butt cheeks. In addition, you are also able to pull them down in ghetto crotch form in order to cover anything that you do not (or should want) showing.

PATTERNED SHORTS (Francescas Collection): Even though patterned shorts usually run shorter with a higher waist, most patterns that are printed on shorts give the effect of a longer inseam. Another great thing about printed shorts is that they're usually made with a cotton material, that way, you're able to style them the same way you would with fabric shorts, without worrying about any unspeakables showing.

BOYFRIEND SHORTS (American Eagle): Myself, not being one to flash off my butt cheeks when wearing denim shorts, have recently purchased a pair of denim boyfriend shorts, and now they're my absolute favorite and only pair of denim shorts that I will wear. Boyfriends are styled with a long inseam as well as a baggier crotch- hence the name "boyfriend" short. Plus, they cover absolutely everything, and you're still able to look fashionable at the same time. 


Crop tops have been a summer trend for the past couple of years now, and not everyone knows how to pull them off in a way that won't accentuate any stomach flaws that you may have. Showing off a muffin top belly because you refuse or don't know how to layer properly is never a trendy style to wear.


BASIC CROPPED TANK (Free People): Tight, solid colored, ribbed tank tops are a classic, but since they're tight, and many girls think that they should wear these tops with low rise shorts, they end up causing themselves a muffin top. The correct way to wear crop tops such as these are to pair the top with a pair of high waisted shorts that have a spandex type of band. By having a band with this type of material, it allows all of your mid-waist to be squeezed all together in a way that allows your stomach to not hang over the edge of your shorts.

FLOWY CROPPED TANK (Forever 21): Though flowy cropped tank tops are super girly and pretty, they take a turn for the worse when one does not know what to pair it with. My favorite way to wear these types of tank tops is layering a chiffon tank top underneath. By doing this, you create the allusion of a double layer cropped tank; you still have the look of a cropped tank top but with more coverage. 


Even though this summer trend is not fashion, it is a beauty trend. Summer is all about going outside and enjoying the heat. Whether you're walking around, going on a run, or swimming, you should always be eye makeup prepared.



WATERPROOF LIQUID LINER (Stila): Liquid eyeliner is essential for those ladies who love a winged eyeliner look. Since this eyeliner is waterproof, and their non-waterproof version of this same eyeliner is smudge proof, you won't have any runny wings.

STAY ALL DAY EYE SHADOW (Maybelline): Though eye shadow is not an everyday makeup necessity, it's great to have one on hand for those summer nights where you want to spice up your makeup a little bit. This eye shadow is not waterproof (I'm not sure why you would want that much eye makeup on when swimming anyways) but since it is a cream consistency, it stays on all day.

WATERPROOF KOHL EYELINER (Smashbox): Kohl eyeliner is a must have for those summer days where you just want to accentuate your eyes. Kohl eyeliners have a smooth application and stay on all day, and with a waterproof version of your favorite kohl eyeliner, you can look fabulous while at the pool as well. 

WATERPROOF MASCARA (Smashbox): Mascara is the biggest cause for raccoon eyes. Once you sweat or go in the pool, it becomes natural to want to rub your eyes, and when doing so, you create huge streak marks all around your eyes which resemble a raccoon, which is never a flattering look. With waterproof mascara, you are able to prevent streaks and any sort of smearing or smudging when you're out and about this summer.

So when getting ready for a summer day, remember these 3 important SHOULD NOT BE TRENDS, so that you're able to veer away from them. Remember ladies, butt cheeks are not an accessory, muffin tops are not tasty looking, and raccoon eyes aren't cute.

XOXO, Amanda