When you think of summer fashion trends, I bet the first thing that pops into your fashionable head is: COLOR or FLORAL. Though both of those responses are accurate according to previous years trends, it is false for this current summer. 

As I have been shopping and working, the color scheme of BLACK AND WHITE has been the main trend for this summer. As I keep reading more and more fashion blogs, and checking out high-end designers (for example: Raoul), I am beginning to notice that black and white, and more of MOD clothing is in trend for this summer. 

Since bright colors and floral prints is what everyone may be used to, dressing in more mod and black and white clothing for occasions from a family get-together to a summer party, one may not know what to dress themselves in for occasions such as these. 

The family party - dressy

The perfect black and white mod dress calls for simple accessories. Pairing a funky mod dress with nude heels is the safe way to go, if you were to pair it with black or even WHITE heels, you would be pulling away any lookers view from you fun dress to your heels. By wearing nude heels, it allows for the attention to still be focused on the dress and not your shoes. 

This dress is gorgeous, and the part that really stood out to me was the sweetheart neckline, though this aspect was super girly and fun, because it was a lower neckline, the trick to keeping it classy but not taking any attention away from the dress is pairing it with simple silver chains. 

When going to a dressy occasion, its important to tone down your in-trend black and white outfit with simple accessories. 

A night out with friends - casual 

Looking at this outfit combination might seem a little frightening... but don't worry, it all goes together in a casual trendy way. 

Pairing simple black scalloped shorts with a solid white tank would be boring... so pairing these shorts with a white tank and a black and grey neckline trim adds a little more style to your outfit. Because of the contrast with the grey and white, the black neckline will not give your face the allusion of harsh feature, it will actually compliment your natural beauty. 

In addition to the dressy outfit, pair any mod outfit with nude shoes and simple jewelry in order to keep it toned down and casual.

The bottom line

Overall, when wearing any mod outfit (black and white) it is of the ESSENCE that you pair your outfit with simple accessories. If you were to pair it with "out there" colors, it would take away from the mod style completely and your outfit would not work together as one.

So remember, when picking out a trendy black and white outfit, there is no need to go out of your way to buy hot pink pumps or loud statement necklaces... use what you already own and go simple and casual.

XOXO, Amanda