As many of you may know, I work for Ootra. I originally started as an intern, but about 3 weeks ago I got hired (basically) full time. My experience working with the ootra-fab Debbie Jagel and the rest of the team has been life changing. I have learned so many skills that have to do with the fashion industry, social media, and fashion photography in my short time at Ootra that it is unbelievable. 

I had the amazing opportunity to work with a model from Factor Woman Model Agency. Though I have worked doing fashion photo-shoots before, I have never worked with an actual model. Let me tell you, it was incredible. The model herself was bubbly and extremely nice, but besides that, she was able to pose in a way that made taking her photo easy and enjoyable at the same time. 

Since Ootra was having a trunk show, featuring brands like Raoul, Blessings in Disguise, and Zoe Couture, Katie (the model) was able to wear clothing mostly from Raoul for me to take photos of. 

Because these photos are something that I am extremely proud of, I wanted to share them with all of you fashionistas out there. Enjoy, and make sure to check out, trust me, you won't regret it.

XOXO, Amanda 

Photographer: Amanda Kaplan

Model: Katie (Factor Model Agency)
Special Thanks: Ootra Boutique & Debbie Jagel