Throughout the holiday season, fashion gets cozier and layers start to pile on. Glitter becomes more fashionable and it's socially acceptable to wear black. A successful layering outfit with blacks and sparkles mixed in is a must.

As I was shopping for abundance of Christmas presents, I also did a little shopping of my own. Into Forever 21 I went and saw so many glitter tops as well as bottoms. Though I'm not the type of person who can pull of sequin covered hooker shorts, I thought it would be interesting to see what would look good with them. I picked up a pair of gold and maroon high waisted sequined shorts as well as a black satin tank top with sequin detailing at the neck line. Since I was already wearing black tights, I pulled the shorts over them and put on the tank top. To my surprise, the ensemble actually looked quite decent. I found out that the key to a successful look that isn't trashy when wearing sequin shorts is pairing them with tights and a plain top.

Even though I decided that wearing sequin party shorts in public wasn't my cup of tea, I decided that layering was. My favorite pieces to layer are long tunic tops with leggings, boots socks, and either a cardigan or cute jacket. This layering in particular is my absolute favorite for the mere reason that I adore when I can see all of the different layers rather than just feeling warmer without seeing anything. I decided that my favorite shop to buy tunic tops from is Tobi. I recently purchased the "Dream Tunic". I wear it with everything because the top is so versatile. Whenever I am in doubt about an outfit, I always turn to pretty tunic tops.

Whether you're willing to make an impression this winter and rock the glitter or if you're wanting to stay more low key with tunic layering, both options are a great way to go in order to stay fashionably warm.

Xoxo, Amanda