As the love of fashion has increased, so has the introduction of new styles as well as, the rebirth of styles that were once long lost. I remember when wearing a striped shirt with a floral skirt would be considered a sin. Not many people are in love with the idea of mixing patterns— let alone wearing patterns at all. But since then, stores, such as J.Crew and Lily Pulitzer, have started reintroducing the idea that patterns are a fashionable look to wear. Because of this, the idea of not only mixing patterns, but wearing them at all, has become more tolerable.

Recently, a pattern that I have been obsessing over is floral. Though floral is a girly pattern, picking the right type of floral pattern is a little tricky. Instead of throwing it back to elementary school with small flowers and neon colors, I have fell in love with dark floral. My favorite type of dark floral is when the backround of the pattern is black and the color of the flowers on top are pastely or in subtle shades that remind me of autumn leaves. The store that I have found the most of this style at is Forever 21, and I have bought at least 3 tunic tops and dresses with this pattern splattered all over. Not only is the floral pattern girly, it is also a classier option. So, no matter where you're at, you always look professionally fashionable.

Although I have been obsessed with patterns, I have yet to step out of my comfort zone and try the newest trend of mixing patterns. Many fashion magazines and blogs are showing the mixing of stripes with polka dots, polka dots with floral, even floral with stripes. Personally, I think that this concept is quite trendy, but at the same time a hard fashion to perfect. My reccommendation would be to find a cute pair of neutral colored floral print jeans (I found a great pair at American Eagle) and pair it with a simple horizontal striped top (The cutest ones are at J.Crew).

This newly reborn trend may not be for everyone, but sometimes, going out of your comfort zone can introduce you to a whole new world of fashion that you never knew existed. Even if you're not comfortable with stepping on in public in your new style, working the carpet runway at home might just be the encouragement that you need in order to strut it over town.

Xoxo, Amanda