As winter break has finally ceased, most of us are getting bored from staying at home and watching Netflix all day. Though going back to school means seeing our friends and giving us something to do, as soon as the alarm clock buzzes at 5:45am, we decide that we are too tired to look good. Instead of throwing on already worn yoga pants and a sweatshirt with the words "PINK" plastered everywhere, there is a way to be comfortable but still look fashionable.

As I was rummaging through my closet and drawers the night before going back to school, I found six staples pieces that I knew I could turn to. Whether it is cold out or you're just too lazy to wear an uncomfortable blouse, sweater tops are always the route to take. My two favorite sweater tops are from Tobiand Free People. The great thing about these tops are that you can be cozy but also look stylish. Sweater tops give the appearance of a blouse, but feel like a warm sweater when put on. It's the perfect medium for the days where all you want to do is stay warm and crawl back into bed.

Let's be honest, no one enjoys wearing jeans and having to be self concious about catching a draft on your backside when sitting down. That's why a cozy pair of leggings and high rise jeggings are the perfect types of pants to wear. No matter what the media says, to me, leggings with ALWAYS be considered pants. My favorite pair of leggings is from Love Culture. Not only are they made with high quality material preventing any accidental see through excitement while bending down, but they are also a good price for a good quality pair of leggings. Leggings are great to wear when you don't want to look sloppy by throwing on a pair of sweatpants. You can dress leggings up or even dress them down. A second favorite pants option of mine is high rise jeggings. My pair is from Urban Outfitters. They're navy blue and great to wear with any sort of comfortable top. And since they are high rise and stretchy, you don't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when sitting down.

No outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes. My two must haves are a pair of cute sneakers and boots. My favorite pair of sneakers is my whiteConverse. I can wear them with leggings for a more comfy look or wear them with cuffed jeans for a more casual look. Since they are white, they go with virtually everything. For the days where I want to look classier, I choose a pair of riding boots. Since not everyone can afford $300-$600 riding boots from brands like Michael Kors and Tory Burch, I found a great pair from Charlotte Russe. These are the best to pair with jeggings and a top with a statement necklace to keep it classy. The aspect about riding boots that I adore is the fact that they are easy to move in but allow you outfit to look put together.

So whether you're not in the mood to look good for school or are just feeling like putting on sweatpants, these staples pieces are a must to stay fashionably comfy.

Xoxo, Amanda