The chilly weather is finally melting away, and the transition from cozy sweaters to flowy clothing is upon us. Since we all have been in this tundra for far too long, our spring fashion might be a little hazy.

As I was sitting in my room for hours on end, since it was way too cold outside to do much of anything else, I stumbled upon the lovely world of online shopping. As many of you online shopping fanatics (like myself) may know, many online shops feature lookbooks on their home pages that show the upcoming seasons trends. I was surprised to find that on websites from Forever 21 to high end stores like Topshop, all had the same trend being displayed; MONOCHROME. Monochrome is a trend that I thought would never become popular. So to my surprise, there is a way of pulling off a single color that isn't black.

One of my favorite YouTubers, makeupbymandy24, had recently posted a LookBook featuring this new trend. She styled the WHITE ON WHITE fashion in a way that didn't make it look like you were wearing a full body suit. The key to white on white fashion is showing a little bit of skin.  Pair a white fitted crop top with high waisted skinny jeans, that way, a little bit of your stomach will be showing, causing a 'break' in your monochrome outfit. 

Another way to wear monochrome is wearing all black. In my opinion, all black is a lot easier to style than all white. The key to wearing all black is to choose black pieces that aren't 'goth' looking. I recommend black skirts (brandymelvilleusa.com) paired with lace crop tops (urbanoutfitters.com) this combination of black pieces allows for girlyness while wearing all black. 

So whether you're into all white or all black, monochrome is definitely the way to go this spring. Just make sure you're not afraid to show a little skin. 

XOXO, Amanda