Looking back to when I was in junior high, I realize that I was a full blown fashion hot mess.  I was unaware of the concept of matching, along with the ideal that less is more.  Wanting to fit in and be like all of the other girls in my grade, I started shopping at stores that were apparently too cheap to spend money on lighting.  During this phase of wanting to be like the other girls, I decided that wearing hot pink shirts with the brand name strewn across the center in huge letters was fashionable. I would wear as many colors at the same time as I could in order to make a "statement" and add some oomf to my wardrobe.  I started dressing in clothes that I was uncomfortable wearing and that made me stand out like a hairless cat in a litter of puppies.  As I got older, I realized that fashion isn't about being like "the other girls", it is about expressing who you truely are inside.  Therefore, "The Black Revolution" took place.

Scrolling through "high end' fashion blogs on tumblr, and flipping through pages of Vogue, I was mezmerized by the beauty of wearing black-on-black. Instead of the persona that wearing all black was "goth" it was now being seen as trendy. I began roaming the stores at the mall in search for the perfect black outfit.  As simple as this sounds, looking for the perfect clothing pieces to put together in an all black outfit is actually a difficult task.  I found pairs of leggings that I thought would look good with fitted black tops, but after trying them on I realized that in reality, I was wrong.  In order to keep the black-on-black looking classy and sleek, the way to pair the outfits was actually quite simple in thought— pair tighter pants with looser tops and looser bottoms with tighter tops.  Through this concept I was able to create all black outfits that were sleek, classy, and edgy.

I deicided shortly after, that black staple pieces were a must.  I purchased, my now favorite, pair of black high rise skinny jeans from American Eagle.  These jeans, in particular, were ones that I could wear no matter what the occasion was.  I could dress it down with a black sweater top or I could dress it up by pairing them with a flowy faux satin blouse.  Along with the jeans, another staple piece that I decided to purchase was black tights, the perfect clothing piece to wear under black shorts with combat boots for an edgier look, or even under black dresses for a more dressed up look.  Regardless of where I was going, I knew that black-on-black was the way to go when I was in doubt. 

The transition from brightly colored cotton outfits, to sleek all black fashion was a big change.  Not everyone is going to be comfortable when wearing all black, you might not look like "all of the other girls". But instead of dressing to please, dress in a way that will express your fashion sense along with who you are and want to be.  For me, dressing in all black was a way that I could lay low but stand out at the same time, because for once, instead of doing what everyone else was doing, I was doing what I wanted to do.  So who cares what everyone thinks? If you're happy, that's all that matters. 

Xoxo, Amanda