Though it may not seem like it depending on where you reside, spring is right around the corner. The rainy and cloudy weather might be putting you in the mood to continue to wear depressing colors like grey, but the colors of the season are saying otherwise.

Thankfully, for all you loyal readers out there, I did my research to find out the perfect, most in trend colors for spring.

If you're like me, and you are a black clothing fanatic, you're most likely screaming "THANK YOU" to those people who are higher than us in the fashion world.

Top: J Brand

Skirt: LuLu

Booties: Sam Edelman


If you're someone who is completely done with wearing greys and blacks, and ready for some TRUE spring fashion, muted pastels are for you. These gorgeous shades are a mod twist on your everyday baby blue and pink pastels.

Dress: Mod Clothing

Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana

Watch: Michael Kors


Wearing floral prints in the springtime is a must. No matter how over worn this pattern is, it will ALWAYS be a spring trend. This spring, the thing to do is pair your classic floral print tops with white jeans. Just like florals, wearing white jeans in the spring is a rule of thumb. 

Wedges: Dolce Vita

Top: Isabel Marant

Jeans: T by Alexander Wang

So whether you're not ready to venture out of your comfort zone by wearing black in the spring, if you're ready to try something new with muted pastels, or if you want to keep it classic with floral and white, this seasons color trends are sure to be the perfect fit for any ready-for-spring sweetie. 

XOXO, Amanda

* DISCLAIMER: trend facts are on behalf of "Elle; First Look: The New Colors for Spring 2014" *