Fashion is a magical part of life. According to Kate Spade, "playing dress up begins at the age of five, and truly never ends". I find this true in more ways than one. Fashion, along with dressing up, is way more than just looking the best. It's also about feeling the best. For the better part of the beginning of high school, I wore cute clothes to impress others. As I continued on to my junior year, I realized that I had no intention nor want of impressing others with the way I dressed. It was a way to express myself and the way I felt.

Fashionista Tip No.1: do not dress for anyone other than yourself.

This rule is the most important. When you start buying and putting together outfits for the sole reason of wanting to impress others or look better than everyone else, you start dressing in clothing that you are not comfortable in. You start squeezing your naturally perfect imperfect body into the ripped skinny jeans that everyone else is wearing. Who cares if you can't breathe? You're showing others that you look great, and they don't. That's all that matters right? Wrong. Very wrong. Fashion is not about looking better, or even the same as anyone else. It's about expressing yourself in a unique way, that may, in some cases cause you to look better than others, but the reasoning behind why you look better, is because you were expressing yourself when you put on your black top and black pants and dark lipstick. You became a fashionista with no one to please but yourself.

Fashionista Tip No.2: fashion is versatile.

The one thing that some powerful women in the fashion industry today think that really grinds my gears is that these women think that fashion is static. My views on the other hand is that fashion is versatile. You are allowed to dress preppy one day and then the next day dress grunge. Fashion isn't about dressing in whatever trend is, well, in trend, it is about dressing in what you feel describes and shows who you truly are. If one day you feeling like breaking out those bright colors and statement necklaces, then you break them out. If the next day you wake up feeling like it's an all black day, then dress in all black. Fashion magazines are merely guidelines regarding what is going on in the fashion world today, and by all means, use those magazines for inspiration, but when you base what you wear and what you buy solely on those magazines, you blend into being how every other girl is in the fashion world: static.

Fashionista Tip No.3: designer vs. destructive.

Don't get me wrong, I love breaking out my wallet and splurging on high end brand names, but now a days, I feel like all girls are wearing brand name everything. If this blog post teaches you one thing, let it be that brand names, and showing off the brand, is in NO way fashion. Designers create beautiful clothing in order to express themselves, and designers who know the true reason behind making clothes know not to put their name across the entire bag, that is one reason in particular why Michael Kors became the new Coach. I am a huge fan of Michael Kors watches; they are durable, stylish, and practical, and Kors also keeps his name hidden so that a true fashionista will know a good watch not by the brand name, but by how it looks. This concept plays a huge part in fashion today. When you purchase these splurge items, it's important to not only shop because of the brand name, but because of the quality and beauty of each product stands out to you, and speaks to you in one way or another. When girls become lost in brand names, they end up wasting money and style on clothing and accessories that have nothing to say for themselves but the brand name strewn across them.

These three fashionista guidelines are to help any start or even veteran fashionista to express themselves in the way that fashion is meant to be used. Don't hide behind trends, style, or brand names. Fashion is your oyster, you might as well use it to your full benefit.

XOXO, Amanda