In the city of wind, winter seems especially long and cold. No matter how fast you run from the mall door to your car door, you always seem to be chilled. Staying warm is a necessity that is hard to achieve and no one likes to look like the Pillsbury Doughboy, but then again, no one likes to freeze. Finding the perfect outfit that doesn't make you look ten pounds heavier is tricky but attainable.

Since the temperature has been dropping, I have gotten into a serious relationship with sweaters. The thick wool types are the best from keeping warm and staying slim. One of the easiest ways to achieve extra warmth when wearing a sweater is throwing on a tight fitting camisole underneath. Believe it or not, the tightness from the camisole allows body heat to stay inside our body, where it belongs.

After a long search of finding the perfect sweater that isn't too fitted or too baggy, I have come upon two stores in which I have found the perfect medium- Tobi and American Eagle. Instead of paying skyrocketing prices for sweaters at stores like Free People and Anthroplogie, I have found that both Tobi and American Eagle offer great quality sweaters for half that price so our credit cards will be able to save their tears. My two favorite sweaters come from both of those stores. I found a black dolman sweater from Tobi, and if you are unsure what "dolman" means it's basically a loose fitting sweater but with tighter sleeves to prevent you from looking sloppy. This sweater can literally be paired with anything. From a statement necklace and jeans for a preppier look, to a scarf and leggings for a more relaxed look, this sweater is very versitle. On the other hand though, my ox blood detailed sweater from American Eagle is the perfect sweater for staying cozy for more dressed up occasions. Pairing it with a cotton skirt from Brandy Melville or even a sequin skirt from JCrew is the perfect way to spice it up. Even if you're not into wearing skirts, pairing the sweater with riding pants along with a low ponytail with a bow is the perfect way to keep it pretty and girly.

When in doubt, being either for style or pure coldness, sweaters are always the way to go. Not only do they keep the heat out, but they also keep the allusion of "extra weight" away. So now, you have no excuse for dropping your lovely shopping bags while running to your car.

Xoxo, Amanda.